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  1. Yes I did the frisket..I'm just more of a concept, pencil, paint or ink guy.
  2. So True...a lot of money in and a ton of pre prep....I admire it but, not my thing.
  3. First wins the prize, but I also accept PM. Another one letting go as I I bought an upgrade No returns on CGC books,...return on Raw if not as described...reach out please I accept paypal, . I'm new to CGC Boards, but I have been selling on eBay for years https://www.ebay.com/usr/wintahaba2012 ..mostly vintage radios (Catalin & Transistor) and Vintage paper ...a few comic doubles lately. Raw-5.00 First Class safely packed or 9.00 Priority Slabs-USPS boxed Shipping is a flat $15 USA I will do SIg Confirmation included No HOS or Probs...Please do not edit takeits, please do not commit to buy unless you intend to.. ASM #12 Low grade w/tape--tape residue and some spine splits...it is complete...centerfold attached...decent presenting cover /w good colors. Looks Great in Mylar Cheap early DOC OCK 3rd app. $100.00
  4. 4.0-4.5 What's the Japanese translation for "headlights"?