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  1. Nothing! . . . . . There can always be a crash down. But let's considered it a way to keep you money safe, in a different basket.
  2. I apprerciate all the DC info, for I'm not well informed in that matter. . . . . . . . . Thanks a lot!
  3. My pics right now would be: Tale of suspense #39 CGC 4.0 (Go Collect $6,250) Journey Into Mystery # 83 CGC 4.0 (Go Collect $6,250) Hulk #1 CGC CGC 1.0 (Go Collect $5,250) Tales to Astonish #27 CGC 6.5 (Go Collect $6,000) Fantastic Four #5 CGC 5.0 (Go Collect $5,500)
  4. I Know. My mistake. Let's leave aside appearance and focus on whether the price will rise better if it's a less important book, but in a much better Grade. For example AF #15 CGC 0.5 vs. Avengers # 1 CGC 7.0 What would be your preference? A very low grade "Huge Book" or a Top 25% Grade on a lesser book that actually cost the same right now.
  5. I think your picks are great! . . . . . My only doubt, because I'm not an expert, is whether it's better a CGC 0.5 Amazing Fantasy #15 ($8,000) or, for example, a CGC 6.5 Fantastic Four #5 ($7,750). My question here is: Will they both cost around the same in 10 years? The difficulty of this question is, that it's hard to find on line, what they both cost 10 years ago, in those same grades. You would have to go to a Library and search at The Overstreet Guide N° 40
  6. If you were hired to be a Comic Book investment consultant and your client wants 5 key books between 4k-6k, which would be your picks? . . . Considering they will surelly go up in a decade!
  7. Your 6.0 seems good for me, as soon as I have the money, I'll make yo the offer. (give me a week)
  8. Missed the chance when I was 13 yo back in 1973. I'm looking for a CGC 6.0. I became an Illustrator ever since!
  9. Nice BOO_S! . . . . . No reference to the footwear! LoL!
  10. Thanks to this topic and the Covid-19 Pandemia, I decided to do a brand new artwork. Next saturday is a High School friend's 60th Birthday (we are a group of 15 couples that bonded together for more than the last decade). We didn't hang out earlier, we just re-met atround 45 years of age and kept going from there, so they don't know me at all as an artist. Anyway, I was commitioned to organize this social distancy present (every time we switch organizers). So what started as a drawing for a Happy Birthday Card, soon became my personal present for the birthday guy. He, among other things w
  13. I found this on the Internet! Sombody has this cover art! (Edit 1) THIS IS THE LINK:
  14. You are very talented! I wish my parents would have encouraged me into going to Art school back when I was a teenager, they did the contrary with the excuse that, here in Peru, artist don't earn enough to make a living (Something I rectified with my stepson and now he's an artist). In my case, instead I became an Industrial Engineer. At least now I enjoy watching my stepson's artistic progress. His name is Iosu Aramburu and despite what my parents thought in the past, he's doing fine, financially. This is one of his latest works.
  15. This is the only stuff left for me to show. Spidey & Doc Ock (2004)