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  1. Some highlights from a $160 purchase over the weekend
  2. yeah it's definitely not easy to find. I bought 15 other issues in that series at the sale.
  3. That's one that I love also.. Love the cover art. Mainly a Dark Horse book.. Only one page advertising the sale of Seed of Destruction 1... There's a pin up gallery in the back of about 8-10 images from the main DH guys at the time Miller, Mignola, etc.
  4. agreed on all Killer Croc books.. Detective 523
  5. Got this for $60 from a dealer friend at his outdoor comic sale on Saturday
  6. Fun outdoor comic sale.. Digging for several hours in the cold early am to hot afternoon.. cheap bulk buys
  7. Went to a comic sale. These all came out to less than .20cents each. Paid $100 for two longboxes.
  8. Got these all on Saturday in a cheap bulk buy at an outdoor comic storage sale. Some highlights.. . .
  9. Went to an outdoor sale at storage facility at an industrial complex in the Valley. An hour from my house. Dozens of buyers showed up. Many pickers/dealers/resellers.. collectors of course. There were several pallets full of longboxes stacked on longboxes stacked on longboxes. Practically a dollar sale but I was able to buy two longboxes full for $100. The JLA 75 was $60. The dealer friend running the sale also had some key issues.. another dealer friend bought some good ones. He and another dealer friend were my main completion. I bought many full series and runs. Here’s some highlights. I po
  10. Bought these Saturday at an outdoor sale.. pallets dedicated to longboxes full of newsstands.. paid close to nothing.. there was a dealer friend who was competing with me.. he definitely got some good ones. here’s some highlights. The Barry Windsor Smith cover to Grifter #1 is so badass
  11. She’s going to be in the show.. the link lists all the titles of the episodes.. “Blackfire” is one of them