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  1. someone messaged me about that today... Aliens Predators has been in the comics since the 80s... why is buying AP comics a new sensation? Just like all the SW Clone Wars comics.. those have been around for a looong time.. I know there is renewed interest w the movies and comics.. but did it really take an Eternals announcement for "fans" to start buying.. where were those "fans" in the 40 years gap between release and movie announcement?
  2. Not the first time a TMNT comic has been on Pawn Stars but this is a recent upload.. #1 !!
  3. The last raw copy I saw was at a local show for $90 a few years ago... don’t know if I’ll ever own a chromium
  4. What was the comic? There’s a thread for that btw
  5. I gifted that comic to a hardcore AP fan.. I have no regrets.. I see an auction in the $20 range... could be a solid $20 comic from here on out
  6. Sales are still strong in other words, especially if you have a lot listed