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  1. I need to stop passing those along to my "friend" at dollar sales
  2. A lot of bronze 1st apps usually sell for more than $5-10.. Usually in the $15-20 range in respectable shape.., so this is not surprising
  3. thats exactly why he should be BP.. he showed growth and change.. he was never truly evil.. kind of like Magneto.. his means to an end were bad but that can change.. it's written in the stars.. Marvel likes progress and they would be the first to have a previous villain be the hero in a lead role
  4. If there's a new BP it's going to be Killmonger.. makes more sense for a lead role in a big budget Hollywood movie
  5. I have a similar issue with mine... Signed in ballpoint by JR JR in 84.. no tampering to staples.. the Tattooz is not present.. high grade otherwise.. original owner
  6. how are you getting these past the register? Old store inventory? the books aren't that old