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  1. Does anyone remember if eBay sends a promotion on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? I have a feeling the next two days might be the only promos left for this month
  2. I like this poster a lot.. that King Kong figure is really good too.. I remember seeing it for sale in multiple toy and gift shops when it came out
  3. Hi all, I plan to buy a heat press. I there anything I should make sure to look for or avoid when buying a press for comics online? Thanks in advance
  4. Yes, it’s sealed. Taped on all sides. The clean type of tape too. The box is sharp and minty minty. It’s one of the best examples of this particular playset I’ve seen.
  5. $25 yard sale haul. The Alley cost as much the comics. I love play sets. They’re almost always more valuable than individual the figures they represent. This box is so darn minty.. Thrilled to own my first McFarlane autographed comic. I’ve owned around ten Stan Lee autos before I had 1 Todd.
  6. Usagi Yojimbo 10 is selling well.. tmnt crossover ... that’s more of a copper age comic tho
  7. West Coast Avengers 7 2019 multiple sold past couple days