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  1. *Please delete Book has been purchased per DM
  2. Can pay immediately through paypal, shipping to Florida. Not looking to pay over $650 if possible. *White pages only please.
  3. DM me, PayPal ready to go Will pay asap, shipping to Florida. Willing to pay +15 of price
  4. I know someone’s got something...
  5. CGC White pages please and payment via PayPal! Send me a message and let’s get something going!
  6. WHITE PAGES if possible. $2250 would be my price. Little above FMV to be fair to seller. Paypal for payment. I have a New Mutants #98 CGC 9.8 to help ease up on the value of someone is willing to accept that too for a deal
  7. Ahh sorry that’s a little out of my price range for now
  8. Preferably white pages but will settle for off-white/w asking at $3100
  9. GSX1 CGC 7.5 ($1700) or 8.0 ($2200) Spiderman 129 CGC 9.0 ($1800) Prefer payment through paypal pls!
  10. A big thing about Ebay for me is that a lot of sellers on there will price it wayyyy over market value. I understand everyone wants to make a profit on their things but it’s a little ridiculous.
  11. I recently won an auction for Fantastic Four 52 last Wednesday and have yet to receive shipping information. Getting a little antsy if i’m being honest since it’s a little bit more on the pricey side. Isn’t the first time i’ve bought stuff from their site but every other book i’ve bought was shipped 1-2 days later. I understand the turnaround is said to be allowed 2 weeks after the book was bought to request shipping information from them directly so i wanted to see if anyone else has had to wait a little longer?
  12. First Super Skrull in at least a 6.0.