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  1. Spidey Vs The Sin Eater (Spec Spiday 107?-110?). Or Spidey Vs Kraven and Vermin, as told through all 3 titles for 2 months in the 80's. Of course with Daredevil, I am praying they do the Typhoid Mary original run, where he meets her, falls in love with her, and then she stomps on his heart. Too good not to see on TV! Jay
  2. 100% agree, TV show was better than any Terminator movie they've put out this century! Jay
  3. And I know so many of us were there, and it was hard to report sales on Valiants because 'at the time' the books were super scarce! But I witnessed multiple sales over $100 for Harbinger 1 for sure, among many others. The hype and flash was all with Image, Valiant WAS selling for big money. However those were low printed books (in comparison to other books of the period). The mistake Wizard made (and perhaps Valiant now knowing companies were paying to be on the hot list), was to continue to push books that had a million print run or more. There was no way the hobby could sustain that, and we all remember what happened soon thereafter! Jay
  4. keefriffhard4444 Emailed me about a month ago talking about indents on a CGC 9.8? O.K, no prob, I told him you don't like it, please send it back. Today I get a neutral (guess I should be thankful). But please look at the last few feedbacks he left, obviously a pattern. Finding things that aren't there... Jay
  5. Ha, I'd almost forgotten I wrote a letter as well. He not only printed it but also responded (angrily--HA). Until you said that I had completely forgotten about that. I have to try to find it. I agree 100% with you, he was the wrong choice and it ruined what was once a great mag! Jay
  6. Would like to see that again (as soon as Photobucket stops taking its usual dump). was wonderful..... one of the highlights of the run for me..... I've thought about that story many times over the years. GOD BLESS... -jimbo(a friend of jesus) I'm with you jimbo, I remember that Captain Bill story and I also remember it fondly! Jay
  7. Bingo! To me what it comes down to is what used to be thought of as a fair profit margin at a show has changed so significantly most of us can't understand why anyone shows up anymore to sell! Buying a comic for $7.75 and selling it for $10.00 99% of us would NEVER consider. However these guys selling pop vinyl, or statues, or whatever the hottest thing is at the moment, that's exactly what they're doing. It doesn't take a math whiz to figure out that with costs of product and tables exceeding $2000 and doing $2500 in sales is a waste of a day. But yet that's so many of these guys are doing nowadays. It's nuts. But it absolutely IS the state of the market. Jay
  8. We can criticize this until we're blue in the face. Fact is, it's their money, they're going to do this first, and I for one think it's a great idea. I don't watch Youtube for anything other than occasionally I'll put it on to listen to music. I can't tell you how many of those beat downs I've seen just by going on Facebook and having others post them. It's not stuff I go out and look for, but they're always somewhere I happen to be. I'm absolutely positive that for a hundred million there was some research involved. Jay
  9. I'll second that. However, I think I'm more excited about the Punisher series than season 3, because as for me The Hand and Elektra were the weaker parts of the show. Now all we gotta do is get Jason Aaron writing scripts for a Kingpin spin-off! That would be epic! Jay
  10. IMO this is their way of introducing the characters to the general public. The general public has NO idea who Rai, or Bloodshot, or Shadowman is. There is no way someone spends ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS to make Youtube videos. I think someone at the top got cold feet and wanted to make sure these characters had some back-story before actual movies are made. Yep, they'll be pushed back for sure, but they're still comin! Jay
  11. Jayna was my crush for probably 2 years (I mean, I was 7-8)! Definitely not made up! She was HOT! Jay
  12. Sadly there are no good toy stores in Toronto anymore. Again, rent has been talked about in this thread. For the price you have to pay per square foot, and the fact you can have 150 comics in the same space you might have two GI Joe vehicles, toy stores have gone the way of the dodo bird in Toronto. However, I cannot recommend highly enough the treasure trove that is Kool Stuff Toys in Hamilton. A lot of stuff is on consignment, but for 1980's GI Joe in particular, he has a great selection. Prices are generally fair (in line with reality), especially on vehicles. If you make your way down, it is def worth hitting (only open until 3 on Sat, closed Sun, so keep that in mind). Jay
  13. SPOILER BELOW!!! My guess is no, since the plant he owned was never in town. I'm also guessing the sheriff happened to be out of city limits when it happened. Everybody else though...SEE YA! Jay
  14. I'm with ya on these, definitely my favorite toylines as well. Sitting in the Zellers restaurant up in Canada with my ma back in 1984 I decide to sneak over to the toy section. There on the shelf I stare up at BOTH Batman and Robin, I mean how can a kid resist? So I begged my ma, and she broke. The start of a life-long obsession! I have these babies up on my wall downstairs with my Golden Age babies and my Mego toys! Enjoy...
  15. I said I'd post some strange ones, so here are a few with neat cover prices;