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  1. I've been ignoring most of this forger's auctions, but in this case, I have to say, A+ Trolling.
  2. I know I have a scan of the pencil piece in its finished state, when Brunner inked it. In the meantime...
  3. YES! Thank you! So this is an unusual story in that some of (many of? can't remember) these pages were cut and paste together. I've been wondering if a) someone in production needed to re-organize the action of the story or b) they needed to cut pages to make room for the back up story. This isn't a smoking gun, but it's good reference material. Cool. I appreciate it. Looks like Christie's just described the pages as "fine" instead of getting into how the panels were moved around.
  4. I'm doing some research on the Amazing Spider-Man 8 story and am looking for the photographs and descriptions of the pages that appeared in this catalogue, if anyone has one handy to share. Thanks!
  5. I'm sorry, am I supposed to offer an opinion on something? Okay: A couple of years after Jack died, I was at the house of A Person (not his real name) who pulled out a stack of "Jack Kirby" signature cards. He said that before Jack had died, he had about 100 of these filled out so he could have them as authentic Jack Kirby signatures. Another Guy (also not his real name) looked at the signatures and said, "Roz signed these." They got in an argument that came down to whether A Person had actually been in the room when they'd been filled out. He couldn't remember. That's when I decided have a harder look at my signature collection of Bob Kane clown paintings, as I was starting to have my doubts.
  6. I wish! That's the time machine game I play with myself. I only met him in 1993, long after his commission time was done. In my dreams, I meet him in 1970, when I'm six years old and yet precocious enough to say "Yeah, now do the X-Men versus the New Gods."
  7. I love the catalogue. So many great and strange images. I hadn't realized that in the pulps, if there's a woman in distress, 95% of the time she's on the left hand side of the cover. Wonder why.
  8. Wow. The Frankenstein plate is as good as draftsmanship gets. It's not like anyone could look at that and say, "Oh, I'd much rather have something like this, only better."
  9. Cool -- I look forward to the data when it shows up there (currently there are just a couple Johnny Comets up). In the meantime, given the anemic responses to this thread so far, I guess people are happy to let c-connect go with that whole "shhh - our auctions are secret" strategy.
  10. I think they should add the feature in which any new bid adds another three months to the clock.
  11. I am weirdly excited about all those Plop covers.
  12. I'm having trouble remembering what was in the auction besides the Thor 157 cover -- what did that go for?
  13. Their search engine is hostile. In fact -- what did anything go for? I don't see any results anywhere, but that's not suprising.
  14. I was asked why this sketch is no good. You guys are all covering the answer very well. I'm reluctant to get into "why" anymore online, as I noticed that every time I got deep into how to tell a forger's work, at least one forger was reading the thread to see how to improve his work. So: it's fake, it's fake for the reasons you've uncovered, and it's fake for some more reasons that I won't get into.