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  1. This is a masterpiece, only not in the way the artist intended. Every escalating detail in the description makes it almost glorious in its struggle to be even remotely related in any way to Jack Kirby. Chapeau bas, dude. I'm particularly fond of his use of the words "re-envisioned," "embellished," and "completed." Although his covering all bases by ALSO coming out with a litho of this piece is a kind of genius. Especially given that there's debate about whether Jack even drew the piece that he traced.
  2. Did they use this image as a Marvel Value Stamp? I feel like they did.
  3. He has another one for a different comic, too, just as vaguely described: Acetate, right? My impression is that if you have the right kind of printer and a high-rez scan you can just load up pretty much any comic and make one of these that will be identical. Like, if I wanted to I could have a rare 1/1 AF 15 or whatever?
  4. I genuinely don't know.
  5. For about 12 seconds my heart was in my mouth, then I realized. House ad. But still pretty cool.
  6. Yeah, it's one of the 1994 Sotheby's recreations. The only pre-hero cover art known to have survived is for the issues where they reprintd the splash as the cover, like Tales to Astonish 34, Monster at my Window. There's a rumor that Journey into Mystery 80 popped up 25 years ago but I haven't heard that confirmed.
  7. Yeah, at least cut up some twigs and duct tape them together in a reasonable rectangle. Save the actual frame for your Sal Buscema art.
  8. You think the owner could spring for, I dunno, a 4mm mylar rather than whatever drycleaner baggie it's in.
  9. When I saw the FF 81 splash, I was thrilled -- I haven't seen it pop up before -- but the more I looked at it the less I liked it. Brilliantly drawn and all, but the center is defiantly empty. Kirby has an intuitive understanding of composition, and that big dead space in the middle is weird. It just reminded me that after FF 76, he was less and less thrilled to be there, and the interior splashes became increasingly gratuitous. This one wasn't bad, but how hard would it have been to have Mr Fantastic making a lasso with one arm to fill that dead space? Anyway, it's very cool but it's not A+ to me. Now, if the FF 95 Thing-Holding-up-a-Building interior splash ever shows, I bet that one goes way higher. Maybe even Sal Buscema money.
  10. Maybe hold onto it till the miniseries hits Showtime next year?
  11. Good luck getting anything made out of paper insured if you live anywhere between San Diego and Vancouver right now. Seriously. A broker I called told me not to bother asking.
  12. I read Kamandi for the first time recently. It holds up, but also has a lot of ups and downs. The art is just 5-stars, Kirby giving it his all, and there are a ton of clever touches that I really dig. The DBB inks are a shame, but the Royer issues really sing. Never read Kamandi as a kid. I remember glancing at the comics and thinking they were just Planet of the Apes ripoffs. (I was a harsh kid. Unlike, of course, now, as I am sweet and gentle.)
  13. FWIW, ya got it up to double splash territory, so you put up a good fight (and no, I didn't bid).
  14. I think the Kirby Kamandi is a record for his DC splashes. At least stuff that's moved in public. LMK if I'm wrong. Very nice piece.