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  1. Why are we worrying about whether these guys take our hobby seriously? What would "seriously" look like? Oh.
  2. I'm sure HA will do a press release on it eventually but does anyone have intel on what the "Great American Comic Strip" auction on Feb 26th is all about?
  3. The other thing about Fedex (and UPS) these days - the estimated arrival time shown when a package leaves no longer has any relationship to the day it actually shows up. Not sure if that has to do more with the season or the general feeling among businesses that they no longer have to do anything as promised, as there are no longer consequences for such things.
  4. In your HA account, can you set your local Fedex as your default shipping location?
  5. Comic artwork is done for commercial reasons, which sullies the deep purity of the fine art market mindset. (Insert irony emoji here.) I think fine art looks at arguments for the legitimacy of our hobby -- at best -- as it would for the legitimacy of bbq or drive ins. Not art, but sure, if you want to claim it really *is* art, they will at least think the idea is cute.
  6. Huh. Unless there's some reference I haven't heard about (totally possible) I just don't think the FF annual 1 pin up was drawn for anything other than the FF Annual. Jack was insanely inconsistent -- just try counting toes on The Thing in early issues. FWIW, there are four fingers on the cover of Hulk 1, and 5 toes on one side and 73 on the other. When Brodsky (or whoever) redrew the bottom half for TTA 59, it was less ambiguous.
  7. Only 43 minutes left on the Grimace/Bear artwork!
  8. Several layer of "No." I think: First off, are you sure it's OA? Because that's a print that's signed by Kirby, and I think the original is spoken for. Second, I'm not sure if Roz, rather than Jack, signed it. Third - well, is two enough? It's a nice souvenir and a keepsake.
  9. Like I told Gene, my search terms were Grimace and Bear, so what's your problem?
  10. I've told this story a couple of times - back in the '90s, Gene Colan did a dozen commissions for me, maybe more. At one SD show, I showed him a book I'd picked up (can't remember the artist), and Gene paused at an erotic piece, I think it was some kind of women body builder, and he just didn't stop looking, so I said, "I dunno, draw me something sexy next," and Gene said, "How sexy?" I told him to do whatever he wanted. Adrienne rolled her eyes and said, "You have NO IDEA what he's like," and Gene got busy. I think. Every day I'd walk by the booth and Gene would say he was working on it, and it was turning out to be insane, just as sexy a thing as anyone had ever drawn, etc. (At no time did I ever make any suggestions - this was going to be 100% Colan imagination.) On Sunday I came by the booth to get my piece, and Gene was just sitting there, arms folded. "Glen, I decided I can't do that stuff you asked me to do. It's just too much." When I opened my mouth to protest -- I hadn't even gotten a chance to ask for anything -- he put his foot down. "Nope, just not going to ruin my reputation like that." "But - but --" "Nope, Glen, just let it go." I think Gene and Adrienne went to their graves thinking I was a pervert. No matter what he would have drawn, the story of him not drawing it is so much better.
  11. For this Thanksgiving, I give thanks that once I knew something about inking that Scott didn't know. It's going to be a long time before that happens again. HA sold it in 2008.
  12. I have posted this before, long ago: I was at SD one year, talking to Kaluta - I had my portfolio open and he noticed a Colan pencil I had of Daredevil swinging past the Chrysler Building. Kaluta knows everything about the Chrysler Building. He rattled off some facts and I was inspired: would he ink the Colan piece? He considered it. He said he'd never inked another artist's work before (if anyone knows different, lmk - he inked that Wrightson Frankenstein plate later). He asked if he could add The Shadow in a gyrocopter, and since I'm not a complete lunatic, I said Sure. A cool thing about this - he didn't erase the pencils. Like: at all. So it kept this cool marbled shading.
  13. Of The Studio artists, the only one I've owned multiple pieces of has been - so far - Jones. The work really speaks to me. Even when it was a struggle for her, she did interesting stuff. I loved the interviews and her generosity on the comicart-l back in the day. Also, Jeffrey changed how I frame art: 100% black frames,white mats. Here's a couple of things that have passed through my hands. Why do I ever sell anything?
  14. I didn't know about Roger Dean but I'm not surprised. His books from that period fell apart, too. Like the book on Hypgnosis (if I'm spelling that right). There was just something about illustration art books in the 1970s that made publishers think we were going to tape every individual page up in our dorm rooms. I was thinking for a moment that BWS was being a prima donna but I just went back to my copy of the book and I can confirm: his section is indeed the worst one.
  15. I now have a new commission theme: "Draw me Benno in my favorite comic."
  16. Are we talking ROI? YES WE ARE! Long term investment MIGHT JUST PAY OFF:!creatorid-cewl!linkclicked-image!emailid-11252019-112202.230AM-474638-370433!itemid-7212_80001!wlem
  17. Not modest -- just behind a paywall for most people.
  18. Every person I've been involved with since I started collecting has been respectful of it, intrigued by it and occasionally unnerved by the insanity behind it. My girlfriend and I have a duplex. She lives in one unit and i live in the other. We decorate our own ways, and she has some comic art in her place (she just bought a Shag print yesterday). She likes that I have a passion for something outside the relationship that has an aesthetic slant. Even if she's baffled by the Howard the Duck part of it. I think that when conflict about this stuff arises it's because of more basic relationship issues (i.e. someone has a spending problem; someone has control problems; someone has trust issues; someone isn't trustworthy; all of the above) but maybe I'm wrong. Oh, maybe this is appropriate: I wrote a piece for the NYT about the way we live adjacent to each other. Brian Rea illustrated it. He doesn't sell his originals but he made up two very nice prints for us and now one hangs in each of our places.
  19. HA usually updates stuff on line if the consigner has a problem with it. But if you know this is accurate, it's still a weird thing to happen on the day of the auction. They had a month to take care of that.
  20. I was going to lovingly chastize anyone asking this for not just looking at the archived threads, but...I don't see the thread here anymore. What happened to it?
  21. Beyond that price differential, there's more to testify to how terrible CC is as an art platform: I was in SD when someone brought that page over to Heritage. The bigwigs in the booth all looked at it in astonishment, as it is a great page, and there was excited discussion of how much it might be worth -- because not one of them had seen it before.
  22. Here's something you don't generally see 30 minutes before an auction:
  23. Here's something you don't generally see 30 minutes before an auction: