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  1. I wouldn't crack it. That area by the staples looks more like color rub rather than color transfer.
  2. That's not NM+ (ie 9.6), it's not even close. You can't remove pen from the cover (at least not without it being detected). It looks like there is color rub around the area where someone tried. That and the tear and chips at the top I'd say knocks it down into 8.0-8.5 territory. At $250 US if the ASM 252 is actually NM, you probably didn't get ripped, but it's not a deal.
  3. Definitely could benefit from a press. It would remove all the waves and non-color breaking creases and dents. Probably a 5.0 without a press and a 6.0 with one.
  4. 8.0 Front cover bottom right corner lets it down. Looks like there are some chips coming off the top of the front cover as well, but that could be the lighting or shadows. The back cover on the bottom looks like it might have light moisture staining, but it could just be the lighting. If it is moisture then that knocks it down more.
  5. If those were just dents and didn't have color breaking scrapes in them you could definitely remove them with various pressing techniques, but when the color is broken there is no fixing that. Probably a 7.0.
  6. That big crease on the back really hurts it. Gonna have to go with the 7.0 people.
  7. Production defects are overlooked if all / most of the books of a run have them. If it's not then it gets dinged. Super nice book though.
  8. Darn, I got here late. At first I thought the second was the 9.8 as well, but then I saw the back upper spine corner has a slight chip. I’m betting that’s why they dinged it.
  9. Man, that Gary guy just had to write his name on the cover of all his books.
  10. The defects won’t really be helped by pressing. Lots of color breaking spine stress lines and then color breaking creases and then the chipping and tears. It’s not worth restoring. A 9.8 unrestored brings around $2500 and professional restoration services start at $1000.
  11. Like the other guys said, get us a high res set of pics. From the low res pic you posted it looks like water damage which would severely impact the grade. Can’t be sure though without a higher res version.
  12. Lots of color breaking defects so it's unlikely that you can improve it with pressing. I don't think I would try pressing either, because of that top staple. Probably 3.5.
  13. Yep, 0% chance of an upgrade and likely it goes to a lower grade with those corners. Mine got graded recently and the only issue with it is that it has very light spine creases, the kind you have to angle the book in the right lighting to see. It got a 9.4.