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  1. While cataloguing my collection, I came across this Nova # 2 book with double covers..Am thinking of submitting it for grading, as it seems to be in good condition except for the tear on cover right ..any thoughts on worthiness of submittal??
  2. I have decided not to submit for a regrade..thanks to all who offered suggestions and commentary..
  3. Just got my ASM 300 graded by CGC..would appreciate any thoughts on whether a clean and press might bump it up a bit higher if regraded..thanks. Graders notes: medium slice right center of front cover very light spine stress lines to cover very small tear right center of front cover
  4. thanks for the replies..sorry if posted to wrong forum..there were 2 grader notes: 1.light creasing to cover 2.light spine stress lines to cover
  5. w would appreciate any thoughts/commentson
  6. I have an "uncanny X-Men" # 101 that was recently graded as 7.5 by CGC..The graders notes were"light creasing to cover" and light spine stress lines to cover"..This was my first submission to CGC and I think I made a mistake by not having the books cleaned and pressed before grading, maybe..could the defects listed be removed or lessened to the extent that a regrade after a C&P could bump up enough to make it worthwhile ?? (could only upload these two files with this msg)