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  1. Superman2006

    Ask Gator

    None of the above... I hate snow and frost, and I'm afraid of frightful weather... I remember some years ago getting caught in a sudden ice storm (it had not been in the forecast). I realized I would have to creep home for several miles along the (untreated) highway. Had a couple of my then very young kids in the car. Of course, the first thing one of them said was, "Daddy, I have to go the bathroom." If you have boys, an empty Gatorade bottle, and an extra set of parental hands, it's pretty easy to MacGyver a solution to that problem. If you don't have a bottle, or just boys, then it might get a bit tougher to MacGyver a solution to that problem.
  2. Superman2006

    Ask Gator

    +1 Sorry to hear that you're going through this, but I'm happy to hear you and your family are okay.
  3. Superman2006

    CGC label changes through the years - a visual guide

    I think the OP was just showing the different labels, and the creep-engine slabs have the same label as the post-creep engine slabs.
  4. Superman2006

    Comic page counts

    I really like this linky: Age Index.pdf
  5. Superman2006

    Detective Comics #33...shift in value focus...?

    Tec 168 is one book that pops to mind...
  6. Book will be available on the boards until the end of day Friday, September 14th. Thanks for looking.
  7. Thanks, Jolly Price dropped again...
  8. Up for grabs: G.I. Combat #68 CGC 7.0 with Off-White Pages I have had this baby for many years; it would be tough to find a nicer looking 7.0 IMO. Rules: 1. First I'll take it in thread or via PM wins the book (based on time stamp, and subject to rule #2 below). 2. Not available for HoS or Probation list folks, or anyone else I opt not to sell to (e.g. if new to the boards, I may ask for some references) 3. Payment accepted via PayPal, check, or money order (after PayPal, or my bank advises me that the funds have cleared). If purchasing this book please ensure that payment is sent within 3 days of purchase. If payment is not received within 2 weeks, I reserve the right to put the book back up for sale, and nominate you to the Probation List. 4. Book will ship within 2 days after I have confirmed that funds have cleared 5. No returns 6. I prefer to sell / ship within the U.S. only (to U.S. confirmed PayPal address if paid via PayPal), but I will consider sales / shipments to Canada if we can agree to shipping terms via PM (okay for Canadians to post a conditional I'll take it, pending agreement on shipping terms) --> Reduced Asking Price: $950 $850 $799 + $20 for USPS Priority Boxed / Insured Shipping
  9. Question for Mitch, in case he's reading this; How did you and Theo arrive at the price of $1,801.26 for the Action #1, as opposed to a rounder figure like $1,800. Did that just happen to be how much cash you had on hand, or is there some other explanation? Thanks, -Supes
  10. Superman2006

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    What do you think the cover would sell for at auction, or do you prefer not to speculate since you don't want to tip your hand? That's a whole ton of moolah for a recent cover. The only cover that I would ever consider paying a whole $mill for would be the OA cover to Action Comics 1. Now, that's a classic and iconic cover that most people in the world would remember. What's that you would take more than $10mill for the OA to that all-time iconic cover. Edited 1 hour ago by lou_fine Yeah, if the original art to Action #1 had survived, it would sell for a monumental amount of cash. That said, Wolverine is one of the most popular characters out there, and while hulk 181's are way more common than Action 1's (or even any of the silver age mega keys), original art is 1 of 1, and I don't think there is any other Wolverine themed original art that could rival the hulk 181 cover. Personally, I'd probably put the Hulk 180 page at a solid #2 spot. While you or I might not pay (or in my case be able to pay) a cool mill plus for the Hulk 181 cover original art, it put up to auction I bet it wouldn't have any problem hitting that mark. Caveats: I don't own any original art, and from what little I've followed there may not have been any other original art that has cracked a million, or if there were, I'm guessing there weren't a lot of such items, but I give that it is the Wolverine piece to own, and it is 1 of 1, I would think that the Hulk 181 cover would hit that mark...
  11. Superman2006

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    What do you think the cover would sell for at auction, or do you prefer not to speculate since you don't want to tip your hand?
  12. Superman2006

    Incredible Hulk #181 - is it *that* red-hot?

    Any interior page of 181 might not match that, but I bet the cover would crack a million IMHO (of course I don't have any original art, so my opinion might not count for much).
  13. Superman2006

    Go Collect vs GPA

    Not sure, but if you have GPA, try looking it up. If you don't have GPA, provide the book, grade, and sale date, and I or someone else can look it up (maybe you have an old email from eBay that would provide that info)...
  14. Superman2006

    Help on reslab a comic book through CGC

    Yes, anytime they put your book in a new slab (regardless of whether it was regraded, or just reholdered), they will include a fresh new label in the new slab.