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  1. Close, but if I recall correctly More Fun 31 came out before the other Action 1 ads, if you want to get technical, . I think that all such Action 1 ads are extremely undervalued though, especially given what that Miles Morales preview goes for these days!
  2. Pics of the 8.0 next to the 9.2 are in the thread that I provided a link for in my post above...
  3. yes I know, but again, slab is fake and that pic I'm quite sure is fake too As @rob_react posted in the past, "Poking around, it looks like the above was mocked up using the Heritage CGC 8.0. It's been trimmed and cleaned up in Photoshop, but the dust shadow is the same."
  4. of the 3 big ww books, ww1 is the cover I like best as well. I've always like the Sensation 1 cover the best, with AS8 and WW1 tied for 2nd.
  5. Below is a link of Gorilla covers that someone put together. Looks like ASM #110 had the first appearance of the Gibbon (not technically a gorilla per se, if I understand correctly, but part of the ape family)... Lots of DC gorilla covers...
  6. Thx. 9.4 still nicer. Really want to see that third 9.0. So far the 9.4 is the lone champ appearance wise. The 9.0 that was posted without the erased "S" appears to me to be of similar quality to the 9.4 to me. Razor sharp looking top right corner, better centering up / down. Maybe I'm missing something? (if not, maybe it's a future 9.4 as well?)...
  7. How refreshing... I don't recall seeing a DD #1 with such great centering of the white area on the far right, etc. Nice looking book...
  8. If you wanted to sell your Tec 27 coverless cause you needed money to buy something better FAST. 1 sell raw No grading fees and all money to you. 2 send to pgx under 500 and that digs into your total. 3 send to cgc 2.5 % or whatever total they charge of value. Someone who wanted money fast and i got it done in 1 day with little fees was the way i went. I wish they where cgc graded and yes if i could find a way to do this without sending Tec 1 and 27 with Batman 1 in the mail I would but cant afford if they got lost. Road trip!
  9. the diff is many won't buy a pgx (me included) but I would buy a cgc for way more than a pgx would get...since you don't need cash fast, but at some future point will sell, send to cgc now and get it over with...2.5% of todays' fmv cheaper than 2.5% of tomorrows fmv...pgx will sell 10% less or more, so well worth the 2.5% I just checked and it looks like the fee for CGC's WalkThrough tier is now 3% with a $5K cap. I assume a complete restored Tec #27 would hit the $5K cap, so the cost to CGC grade now or in the future probably comes down to how much CGC changes the cap over time (I t
  10. I only ever had one Eldon and one Curtis book. Neither was special except for the name written on the cover. If I ever had a Cookville, I did not know it. I wasn't around when they were made pedigrees but I assume it was fairly controversial. Well, since this was done back in August of 2019 when CGC released their new pedigree labels, I assume you shoud have been around at the time based upon your profile. I think he may have taken a hiatus...
  11. I'm guessing the seller got or negotiated negative BP and netted probably 1.35 Yup, that's what I was guessing (10% commission)...
  12. The D27 was purchased for $492,938 on 11/19/2011 and the owner received $1,250,000 on 11/19/2020. That an increase of 2.54x. Over the same time period, the Dow is up an equivalent amount of 2.67x and the S&P is up 2.8x. Obviously, many individual stocks and funds beat the Dow and S&P and many did not. Measured as an investment, the D27 was well within the range of a stock market return. In short, it was a legit investment which, while maybe nowhere near as good as owning Google/Alphabet (up 5.42x) was still a rate of return which kept pace with the usual retire
  13. I'm really sorry to hear that, Cat. Based on your posts over the years, I understand how much she meant to you. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
  14. then the agent does the due diligence...I don't buy into this notion that "rich" folks don't care about their money and are willing to overspend...that's hogwash imo... I think there's more than one type of rich folk. Perhaps more common are those that became rich (or that started rich and maintained their wealth) by watching their spending, etc. A smaller percentage of those that re rich may have gotten rich quick (athletes, lotto winners, etc.), and may not have had as much experience with managing their money, and so they may not shop around as much as they should when the see a