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  1. I bought Thor 166 recently - the book was packed well and it arrived in great shape. His latest sales thread had some quality books at affordable prices. Overall, I'm very happy with the book - thanks, Jim!
  2. Purchased Star Wars #4 from Jeff and it was shipped very, very quickly. The book was packaged well, the grade was spot on and the price was more than fair. Jeff responds quickly and I highly recommend him. Thanks, Jeff!
  3. That sounds really disappointing. Did they have copies, but only in poor condition? Did you and your dad get a 2nd chance at some other book, perhaps? You do have a good point, though. I remember trying to buy X-Men #94 several times from mail-order places but they didn't have it. Back then you had to list alternates, and I frequently wasn't able to get every thing on my order.
  4. Here's another catalog, this one from Maxwell Seeley (expired Mar 31, 1981). ASM #1 ($300) was more expensive than AF15 ($275), IH 181 was $10. I did buy X-Men #94 for $75 (not from this catalog) but that was about all I could afford back then. I didn't realize at the time, though, that these prices are only for good, collectible condition (pre-1978). For fine condition, you need to double the price. It's mentioned in the 4th and 5th paragraph on pg. 1 (which I never saw until recently). Not exactly sure what his "good" and "fine" grades would correspond to on our current grading scale,