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  1. I think you were on my shoulder ;-) now just a few true loves left...though they're the big ones...
  2. Ty for the answer. With the prices of 104 and 109, I did not see that coming!
  3. Nah that's why I smiled at the end. I'm also the new guy compared to many so some ribbing should be had! Now to continue drooling over these X-Men...
  4. It could have had something I didn't see or know about like pedigree and signatures! Worth asking :-)
  5. With all of your other posting, how'd you even find time for a thread????
  6. Nice grab. Wow at avengers 3 and ASM 194 price too! Nice thread!
  7. Haha ah I'll catch up to you in speed soon enough. I'm just learning to fly ;-)