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  1. If you were an actual cynic you’d focus on the rich people getting free government money rather than the rest of us.
  2. Everyone keeps seeing this sale through the lens of Batman collecting — in which case, yeah, there’s better ways to spend your money. But what if you’re a Poison Ivy collector?
  3. I think people are conflating “best” with “favorite.” A handful of Marvel minis got actual grown-up acclaim. Moonshadow comes to mind.
  4. Thanks, and no, I wouldn’t think about price corrections. But are you really telling me they don’t have an email address? That’s crazy.
  5. Does anyone know how to email them about errors or omissions?
  6. Your unclear expression and claims to know the creators’ intentions both undermine your arguments. It seems—though I’d never assert to know anyone else’s intent—pretty likely that they had to do a reprint and came up with a framing concept to justify it. Never underestimate the likelihood that frenzied deadlines drive decisions more than long-term thought-out plans did.
  7. How are these issues attributable to the inking?
  8. Not if Chris Claremont’s writing it...
  9. And if it must be superheroes... Elektra: Assassin. Game-changer.
  10. Thank you. Was waiting for someone to say this. Not even close. This is actual literature.
  11. Ask the Pentagon and/or National Archives. You can also file FOIA requests!
  12. THANK YOU! I have some of these but wasn’t sure where to look in the UK...
  13. Galway was a bust. No back issues at Sub City. Sean at Sub City Dublin on Mary Street is kickass. Tell him Jonathan sent you. I also recommend Coffee and Heroes and Atomic Books Comics and Muzic both in Belfast. Also...check charity shops! Good hunting!
  14. I can do both. I’m arriving Saturday! No more recommendations? Edinburgh? Southern Ireland?
  15. Some Dredds aren’t dollar bin fodder. And definitely some Marvelman.
  16. I'd elaborate on whether I just found ground to promote her with this thread if I understood what that meant. As you can clearly see in my original post, there was confusion about which variant was the subject of the cease-and-desist letter. I was trying to clear that up so that people wouldn't pay needlessly high amounts for variants they could still obtain for at or near cover price. And as for the wacky notion that popularity might correlate with high prices, gosh, I think maybe you're on to something there.