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  1. Does anyone know how to email them about errors or omissions?
  2. Your unclear expression and claims to know the creators’ intentions both undermine your arguments. It seems—though I’d never assert to know anyone else’s intent—pretty likely that they had to do a reprint and came up with a framing concept to justify it. Never underestimate the likelihood that frenzied deadlines drive decisions more than long-term thought-out plans did.
  3. Whole lotta non-Copper books in this thread.
  4. How are these issues attributable to the inking?
  5. So on-brand to have a massive grammatical error...
  6. Not if Chris Claremont’s writing it...
  7. And if it must be superheroes... Elektra: Assassin. Game-changer.
  8. Thank you. Was waiting for someone to say this. Not even close. This is actual literature.
  9. Ask the Pentagon and/or National Archives. You can also file FOIA requests!
  10. THANK YOU! I have some of these but wasn’t sure where to look in the UK...
  11. Galway was a bust. No back issues at Sub City. Sean at Sub City Dublin on Mary Street is kickass. Tell him Jonathan sent you. I also recommend Coffee and Heroes and Atomic Books Comics and Muzic both in Belfast. Also...check charity shops! Good hunting!
  12. I can do both. I’m arriving Saturday! No more recommendations? Edinburgh? Southern Ireland?
  13. Some Dredds aren’t dollar bin fodder. And definitely some Marvelman.
  14. I'd elaborate on whether I just found ground to promote her with this thread if I understood what that meant. As you can clearly see in my original post, there was confusion about which variant was the subject of the cease-and-desist letter. I was trying to clear that up so that people wouldn't pay needlessly high amounts for variants they could still obtain for at or near cover price. And as for the wacky notion that popularity might correlate with high prices, gosh, I think maybe you're on to something there.
  15. Stating the thing you're asked to prove is not proof of it. Is this honestly the level you're debating on? The variant that was the SUBJECT of the cease-and-desist letter is NOT "readily available by tens of vendors." It's available on eBay, and it's certainly possible that (a) DC didn't send cease-and-desist letters to individual eBayers (b) did do that but stopped, and/or (c) didn't do anything AFTER sending cease-and-desist letters. As I tried to explain already, a cease-and-desist letter isn't magic--it doesn't MAKE people cease and desist. If a cease-and-desist letter isn't obeyed, it takes ADDITIONAL legal action to enforce it. That costs money. DC doesn't HAVE to spend that money, because its primary motive here is to protect against FUTURE copyright infringement, which is more difficult to do if you do NOTHING to protect your copyright now--which is exactly why DC could content itself with initial letters to Devil's Due and Collector Cave and NOT CARE whether they're followed or not. And, no, you're not just like me. You're just assuming another factual claim without backing it up. For instance, I'm NOT just taking the news at face value. Did you go to the shop in the Bronx and talk to the owner? Didn't think so. I did. Glad we can agree on your last point, though.
  16. For anyone not sure whether Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is famous: Associated Press: https://www.apnews.com/cfbdab50d2be4ba9bc9bcf499dbb85fe USA Today: https://www.google.com/search?q=fox+news+ocasio-cortez+hours&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS824US824&oq=fox+news+ocasio-cortez+hours&aqs=chrome..69i57j69i64.5543j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Here's Fox News' AOC coverage. You'll note that lately they're averaging one new AOC story EVERY DAY: https://www.foxnews.com/category/person/alexandria-ocasio-cortez
  17. My grounds? For what? If you're disputing the factuality of something I'm saying, share with the class. What have I said that's untrue? Your proof that the book is shilled rests on the following: - The book is over inflated. That's a subjective opinion. - It spiked to to nothing. Sorry, "NOTHING." Again, subjective. I and others have laid out multiple reasons OTHER PEOPLE might have for the price spike. Your belief in the subjective opinion of over-inflation, and your groundless ignoring of the fact that OTHER PEOPLE have genuine reasons to want this book... do not constitute proof that it's been shilled. Shilling is a pretty well-defined phenomenon that others on this site have proven adept at documenting. Try that. Your claim that I just killed the hobby, I think, does more to undercut your credibility than anything here. So, thanks.
  18. Your willingness to just assert things as fact without any basis is kind of amazing/terrifying. Just because DC hasn't unleashed the lawyers to pro-actively quash any sales doesn't mean they never issued a cease-and-desist letter. One news/gossip outlet reported that DC did just that. DC HAS NOT DENIED IT. You've cited ZERO proof that DC sent NO cease-and-desist letters. If you have that proof, please share it. Otherwise, the statement that "THERE IS NO CEASE AND DESIST ON THIS BOOK" is utterly baseless. Maybe it wasn't sent to EVERYONE. Maybe DC hasn't bothered to follow it up with legal action. Maybe, just maybe the cease-and-desist was pro forma so they can cite it in future copyright battles. But you have literally NO source to claim that DC issued NO cease and desist. I will admit, of course, that you putting it in all caps sure feels impressive, though. So, I guess if font size is the new substitute for facts, you've proved your point.
  19. There's a stunning amount of not-good-thinking-ness going on here, so let's take some time to unpack it. "I don't know" isn't the cop-out answer to whether the book will hold its value, it's the only honest answer. As for there being a tremendous effort to make it a hit--also true of tons of comic books that are not sought out. Some companies even have marketing departments to market their comic books. I love that you say "I know for a fact" that stores were paid by the publisher to promote their comic book and treat it like a conspiracy. Did you know McDonald's pays TV stations to air their ads? I know that FOR A FACT! #Busted. Your notion that those who disagree with you should "Think about what we're talking about here for a second" is condescending but also hilarious. Your suggestion is that it SHOULD be a failure because it doesn't emphasize story or art or key significance. In other words, it lacks the very attributes that make comic books succeed--among the ALMOST INSIGIFICANT number of people who care about comic book stories, art, and key significance. Instead, all this comic book has is its celebration in print form of a politician who is massively popular with millions of people. And yet, despite its failure to reach a niche audience and its potential to reach a mass audience, it was promoted anyway. HMMM!! Suspicious, I tells ya! The book wasn't marketed or promoted cleverly. No one was talking about it until DC was reported to have sent a cease-and-desist. You have no proof that Devil's Due somehow engineered this happening and yet you freely imply it. You also hint darkly that it's being done to promote a political agenda. The outlets that pushed this the hardest were Fox News and the NY Post. Are the comic's creators clearly sympathetic to AOC? Sure. Are they being bankrolled by George Soros? You have zip evidence to even imply anything close to that, but there you are. This is a pretty simple story. A small comic book publisher did a bunch of variants of a comic the comic book community didn't care much about. One store--in THE BRONX--did a cover that was VERY well done, that was too close to a MASSIVELY popular pop-culture icon. The confluence of politics, pop culture, and the conflict (media love conflict) of DC opposing the cover--combined with the supposition that the cease-and-desist would limit an already small supply--stimulated heavy interest in MULTIPLE collector communities and constituencies (comics, politics, Latina culture, feminism, etc.) who would naturally feel justified paying high prices since the item's status as a limited-edition collectible had been attested to in mass media. And, yes, other variants went up, too... AFTER some of those outlets issued confusing reports that weren't clear about WHICH cover was limited--AND some sellers began capitalizing (purposely or unwittingly) on the confusion by marketing some of the variants that seemed vaguely Wonder Woman-ish and/or had appeared in those confusing media reports... leading to a spike of interest (already abating) in some of the wrong variants. To the vast majority of Americans, the going price of THIS limited comic is FAR more understandable than the going price for, say, a J. Scott Campbell variant or a low-print Spawn variant.