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  1. The 5th copy I’ve ever owned but the first SS of the book I’ve ever owned.
  2. Seems like the Modern Age has been around for 30 years. Is there another age coming? Will it always be modern from here on? Thoughts?
  3. Anyone have issue #17 graded? I’ve been wanting to see one in 9.8 for forever. It’s my favorite cover. I actually own the color guide to it 😁
  4. Hello, I am selling my ASM 300 CGC 9.8 white pages! SOLD The centering is near perfect, the print on the red “300”’s is rich and excellent (sometimes the red 300’s have a rough faded look). The right edge of the book is straight and clean (some books had a printing error where the right edge of the cover would be jagged). There are no color breaking stress marks either. Why this is not a 9.9, I have no idea. Take a look! I will have a scan of the back tomorrow. Paypal preferred. USPS priority shipping, fully insured. First *takeit wins. No refunds.
  5. I got a nice 4.0 complete on the boards: https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/topic/462826-hulk-181-cgc-40-below-gpa/?tab=comments#comment-11041551
  6. Ok, I super don’t want this to go to eBay. Last reduction in price
  7. Last price reduction before it goes to eBay
  8. Very cool case. Where can I find something like that?
  9. Very cool pieces! I got out bid on the ones I wanted but am glad it is getting some exposure