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  1. It blows my mind how the prices on this book keep tumbling, especially for the 4.0-8.0 CGC range.
  2. And of course I sold my direct 9.8 for $1800 3 months ago. How the hell did the prices go up so high! 🤬
  3. I love this book and always wanted one signed by Neal Adams. I traded my 7.5 for this 5.0 SS. One thing that stands out to me on this book In general is that in order to get the logo to be properly centered, you need to have a white strip down the spine side otherwise the L in Lantern is too close to the spine and the W in Arrow is too far away from the right edge. Weird.
  4. Thank you! I really wanted Larry Hama’s signature on the book but, weird as I am, I don’t like the cover art but I do love the interior art. So I figured I would just get my favorite page signed!
  5. Putting this one-of-a-kind beauty up on ebay right now. Marvel Super Special 22 CGC 9.8 SS, signed by Jim Steranko. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224079271006
  6. ok, good. Glad it's probably just the site
  7. All my submission trackings have disappeared. I have a re-holder in the que. It was in my submission tracking a few days ago and now it shows nothing. Even looking up my submission number gives me nothing. Anyone else have the same issue?
  8. Got this lovely Green Lantern 76. The white along the spine actually centers the logo as it was originally drawn off-centered.
  9. Got thIs beautifully aligned Green Lantern 76. The white left edge actually centers the logo as it was actually drawn off centered. It always bugged me that a “true” alignment meant that there was too much white between “green arrow” and the right edge and that the “L” in “green lantern” was too close to the left edge. This book corrects that
  10. Wow, never thought I would see my old thread resurrected! I have a DD 111 CGC 9.0 now but it is a Mark Jewelers insert version which is pretty rare.