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  1. Just finished a deal with Lou on a bunch of X-books. Great experience all around! Deal with Lou in confidence!!
  2. Please use this for kudos. Thanks in advance!
  3. Just received my X-Men book. Great price, packed well, and shipped quickly. Thanks so much!
  4. Greetings all. Am new to the CGC world and have a few questions about the slabbing process. 1) How accurate is the length of time for pressing and grading the CGC website advertises? 2) Does CGC send email updates for each phase of the process (eg when they send to pressing, when they grade, when they send back to you)? 3) When do you learn about the grades of your submitted comics (do they notify you in an email or is it a big reveal when they arrive back to you in the mail)? 4) Are price variants (UK/Canada) more desirable that regular versions? Thanks in advance