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  1. Last day, closing begins at 10pm Eastern Time tonight. You must have bids in on any item you are interested in BEFORE 10pm to be eligible to bid on that item in extended bidding. Good luck!
  2. Only a few days left and TONS of bargains still. Lots of Silver Age Superman and Batman Titles for $1 a book. Tons of Bronze age lots and modern lots as low as 5¢ per book. The auction goes into extended bidding at 10pm Sunday night August 9th. Any item that has no bids or only 1 bid closes immediately at 10pm. Any item with 2 or more bids is extended 15 minutes. Every time a bid is place on that item it extends 15 minutes. This continues until the item has no bids for 15 minutes. To be eligible to place a bid on an item in the extended bidding period you must have bid on that item pr
  3. Someone just asked about shipping vs pick up. Shipping is actual postage plus $5, and we normally take a small loss on it. Pick up is always an option and can give you a great competitive edge if bidding on a large quantity of books or on some of the bulk lots. Good Luck!
  4. It's all good Lou. I honestly like when people ask questions publicly because someone else might be sitting there with the same question and not ask it. Also saying our grading is overly strict certainly wouldn't discourage anyone from checking us out!
  5. Hi Sweet Lou. Once you went through the registration process (which is pretty involved, but in this day and age I feel account security is a good thing) you shouldn't have any problems signing in. The "24 Hour Approval" is just so someone doesn't register at 3am and expect to get in immediately. I do have to sleep some time, and approval is manual, in your case you actually registered before the above post, and indeed before the auction opened which may have been why you couldn't see anything, the auction isn't viewable until the opening time. However, when you go to www.birminghamauctionee
  6. Over 1000 lots, all graded books are CGC. Hundreds of raw Silver age Batman, Superman etc. NO RESERVES and low starting bids. Auction ends August 9th! Post any questions you might have and I will be happy to answer them! Scott Russell Birmingham Auctioneers
  7. Details to follow but the auction starts off with a nice selection of mainly Silver and Bronze Age CGC graded books. All graded books in the auction are CGC. Auction runs 7/22 - 8/9 You can visit our site to view previous auctions, register for this upcoming one and check out how the auction operates. Feel free to post any questions you may have. SOmeone else might be wondering the same thing! Scott Russell Birmingham Auctioneers 717.327.8915