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  1. That's great! Appreciate you & everyone taking time out of your day to help out 👍🏻
  2. Hey all I'm trying to learn more about the history of this goldenage Superman Comic. From what I've gathered, it's from the 1940s, Swedish, & done by Nordpress. The problem I'm having is the Volume # of said series and trying to find out what exact year this book was published. I plan on getting it graded, and there's a small cutout on one of the pages, which is a shame for such an old book. Regardless, getting it Slabbed so it's protected. Thanks for your time & help!
  3. I don't know got two notifications that my posts were removed from Dylanuniverse than restored by an editor. Not sure of how the logistics work on chatrooms only been posting since Thursday
  4. When Dylan deletes your comments but the editors restore them cause they're facts
  5. Dylan's paying for Instagram Ads to gain more support from the comic community. Bruh.
  6. Pretty sure he damaged the AF15 while making a "s***" joke on his toilet. Think that sums up how the book was "mishandled". Whose he claiming insurance on? His plumber?
  7. Awesome stuff! Glad the communities powers combined were able to find the answers! He's still a c*** though lol. Showing off only 1 book, and not both which as you saw he claims the 2nd one is a RESTORATION 3.5, so we'll see how it plays out.
  8. Hope this proof doesn't get lost in the shuffle of the Dylan madness. Lol
  9. Hey, first time posting on the forums. Seeing whole lot of back/forth on IG in regards to this mess. Going to attach some interesting photos, including 1 of the 2 alleged damaged CGC AF15s he sent me on IG. Here's my problems with this guy. 1) Claims to have two books, only shows me one 2) Clearly a blue label, not purple restoration as he promoted in his comment section. 3) Label # 3700325002 doesn't match the book at all, shows a Star Wars comic. Any other formation of said numbers doesn't show an AF15. So. Personally, it's not worth investing time into this guy an