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  1. I think there are actually two separate login issues: Session issues mentioned by Architecht above. The boards host has provided a fix for this, and we'll be applying the fix to the CGC Boards next Tuesday. Issues for users who haven't agreed to the latest terms. If you haven't agreed to the latest terms and try to sign in to the boards, you wind up on the boards homepage and do not appear to be logged in. If you click "Sign in" again at the top right, you'll be brought to the CGC homepage and asked to accept the latest terms. Once you accept the terms, everything should be fine. You can navigate back to the chat boards successfully. The good thing about #2 is that you should only encounter it once. Once you accept the terms, you should be good moving forward. Still, it's a confusing experience and we'll work on a fix for it in the coming weeks. Ideally, the experience will be: Click sign in on chat boards Enter login credentials Get prompted to accept the terms (if you haven't already). Accept them. You'll now be logged in. Ideally, you'll get redirected back to the boards automatically, but I'm not yet sure if that redirect will be possible. Scott
  2. Lets wait and see if 4.3.3 resolves the notification issues. I know 4.3.3 is supposed to resolve a wide variety of things that have been reported lately. I haven't seen the logout problem. I know we went live with some updates for the main websites (not chat boards) about an hour ago. Since logins are shared with the main site, perhaps that caused a temporary glitch. Or maybe it's another issue that 4.3.3 will solve... Are you still seeing the logout problem?
  3. They said this will be fixed when we upgrade again to the latest version (4.3.3). Hopefully we'll be ready to apply that upgrade next week
  4. Scott =)

    online users list seems to have changed

    There must be an issue preventing members from showing up correctly since the recent boards upgrade. I entered a support ticket for the boards host for it. Thank you!
  5. Hi kav! Thanks for reporting this. I'm not hearing sounds either, and I reported it to the boards host. I'm going to move this thread to the Support Questions & Issues subforum, as that's the best place for threads like this. While you may get more responses from the community in Comics General, the support subforum is more likely to be noticed by support staff who can get problems corrected. Keeping all issues in one subforum also makes it easier for the community to keep an eye on open issues, at least in theory. Scott
  6. Scott =)

    Main Menu Updated!

    Heads up: we just released updates to the main menu structure! We wanted to make it easier to see the main feature categories on the boards (Forums, Journals, Galleries, Calendar), and provide sub-options for the things that relate to each feature. The only option from the old structure that has been removed is "Search". We thought this would be OK, since there's a search bar in that header that is much more prominent anyway. Thanks, Scott
  7. this should work when making new posts going forward.
  8. Hi There! It looks like this is a new glitch. I entered a support ticket for the boards vendor about it Thanks, Scott
  9. Scott =)

    PMs Go To Page 1

    Hello! Version 4.3.0 is now available, but hasn't been applied yet. It should be applied sometime next week
  10. Scott =)

    PMs Go To Page 1

    What dates are the VCC?
  11. Good news... this is fixed now!
  12. Scott =)

    TIPS for navigating the new boards quickly

    Update: That issue will be fixed in version 4.3. They haven't provided an exact release date for that version, but they've been talking about it since the beginning of the year... so it should be soon! Thanks, Scott
  13. Scott =)

    TIPS for navigating the new boards quickly

    Sorry for the delay - I missed this notification about the black circle in PMs not working somehow. I've followed up with the boards vendor about it. Hopefully they can implement or suggest a solution soon. I'll keep you posted. Thanks, Scott
  14. Scott =)

    My notifications tab is broken

    The vendor posted a patch to resolve this. I did a little testing, and it appears to be working. @comicdonna @Point Five Anyone still seeing issues?
  15. Scott =)

    My notifications tab is broken

    Hi all, Thanks for reporting this. The boards vendor is looking into it. I think there are certain notifications that cause the issue whereever they happen to display. That would explain why your notifications preview SOMETIMES doesn't work, and sometimes does (because the offending notification eventually gets pushed out of that preview by newer notifications that don't have the same issue). It would also explain why the erroring pages of your notifications continuously change, as offending notification(s) move to different pages due to new notifications coming in. Thanks, Scott