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  1. Scott =)

    CGC Journals migrated!

    No, tnerb's journals are alive and well. Here are all of tnerb's journals in the new format: If you want to see his journals in the old format / section, you can: Flip through the pages of the old journals section and look for his name Use the search function
  2. Scott,

         I posted the other day and it needed to be approved by a moderator and now it seems to be gone.  Help me Obi-Wan

    1. dena


      I do not see a post pending approval for you. Please try to post again.

  3. Scott =)

    CGC Journals migrated!

    Heads up: we've made a couple design tweaks to this page: The biggest change is the addition of the "Sort By" dropdown towards the top. This should make it easier to find popular journal entries or sort by "Last Reply" instead of "Start Date" if you'd prefer. "Start Date" is still the default sort for now. We've also tweaked font sizes and made other minor adjustments to make the page more readable and usable on different size devices.
  4. Scott =)

    Are Newton Rings 'normal and acceptable'?

    It looks like you already know this, but yes that account is a real CGC account.
  5. Scott =)

    Are Newton Rings 'normal and acceptable'?

    I’ll find out and let you know.
  6. Scott =)

    CGC Journals migrated!

    I see 33 entries: You can also click "Journals -> My Journals" in the main menu to navigate to them. You'll see the most recent couple entries first, and you can click your journal name to get brought to the 1st URL I posted above.
  7. Scott =)

    CGC Journals migrated!

    I haven't seen this request. Did you send a private message to me/Dena? We won't necessarily know if you post about it elsewhere, and we'd like to keep a record of who made what request in case there are questions down the line. So please send a PM if you haven't already. Thanks! Scott
  8. Scott =)

    CGC Journals migrated!

    Sorry to hear that. As mentioned above, feel free to reach out to me and @dena if you want us to unlock your old journal thread and move it elsewhere. For what it's worth, over 600 journal entries have been created in the new format. More than half are here on CGC, a little less than half are on NGC, and a smaller number are on PMG.
  9. Scott =)

    CGC Journals migrated!

    Agreed - this announcement should have been posted earlier. A news article was posted on CGC right when the migration completed, but it took me longer than expected to pull everything together for the (much more detailed) announcement here. To answer your question about @AJD's journal - Yes, you got it. If anyone wants their old journal unlocked / moved elsewhere, they can PM me and @dena.
  10. Scott =)

    CGC Journals migrated!

    If you'd like to create more than one "Journal" for some reason, send a private message to @dena and @Scott =) and say a little bit about why you want more than one. Limiting members to one journal (with unlimited entries) by default should help keep the journals section neatly organized, but I'm sure there are great reasons someone would need more than one. As long as your explanation makes sense, we'll accommodate you.
  11. Scott =)

    CGC Journals migrated!

    Here are a few cool features of the new journals: You can control who can see your journal / journal entries. You can make your journal visible to everyone, visible to specific user(s), or only visible to you. You can moderate comments in your journal / journal entries - by request only If you want moderator access to your journal, send a private message to @dena and @Scott =) and we'll set you up. You can create journal entries in advance and schedule them to be published at a specific date/time in the future. You can choose to receive notifications when people comment on your journal or journal entries, and you can control when and how you're notified. You can choose to follow someone else's journal to receive notifications when they post new content. You can add a cover photo to Journals and Journal entries. If you create an album in the Image Gallery, you can associate it with a journal entry. Using the search features to find journals is more intuitive. It's also easier to find someone's journal activity via their profile page - just click "Journal Entries" or "Journal Comments" on the left of that page. Whenever we upgrade to the latest version of the chat boards (this happens about once a month, typically), we may also discover that cool new features have been added. For example, I wouldn't be surprised if the boards vendor eventually adds a feature that lets you block specific members from viewing your journals, instead of only letting you specify who CAN see them. Please reply below if you have any questions or comments, or want to suggest a feature for the new journals!
  12. Scott =)

    CGC Journals migrated!

    All journals that were originally created on CGC Collectors Society have been migrated into the Journals feature on the CGC Chat Boards. This means that all Collectors Society Journals are now available in one place, in the same area where new journals can be created Go to the CGC Journals now to read journals by other collectors or to start your own Journal! Background / More Info: Prior to this migration, some Collectors Society Journals were only available as threads in the obsolete journals forum. Any CS journal that wasn't cross-posted to the old Chat Boards has been unavailable for many months, which is one of the main things we aimed to solve with this migration. We wanted to make it easy for users to navigate from the old/obsolete threads to the equivalent new journal, so we added a post in old threads which links to the corresponding new journal. Mapping old threads to the new journal requires manual review, so to save time we've only added that post to old threads if they received replies in the last 18 months or so. Tips for navigating and using the new journals (kudos to @Get Marwood & I for inspiring this content): 1. You can navigate to journals via the main menu, and you can preview the most recent journal activity in the sidebar on any page (see images below). Journal activity will also be listed on the All Activity page and in activity streams. 2. A key difference with the new Journals is that each member can have one journal, and an unlimited number of "journal entries" within that journal. For example, my journal titled "Scott's Thoughts :D" currently consists of two journal entries: A poll about journals and test journal. 3. The "Latest Entries" and "By Author" options in the main menu bring you to roughly the same content, but presented differently. Both pages are a list of journal entries in the order they were created. The difference is that the latter is grouped by author. In the "By Author" view, you can quickly see other entries posted by that author and stats for their journal (entries, comments, views). 4. Journals are NOT sorted to the top when someone comments in them. In that way, both formats of the new journals encourage you to create new/separate journal entries rather than one entry with a never-ending chain of replies. 5. The "Recent Journal Entries & Replies" sidebar panel in the journals section is a great place to find journals with recent comments. That panel shows the journals that have been created/edited/commented most recently, sorted on recency of activity. You can click a title (ex: A poll about journals) to read that journal entry, or you can click a journal name (ex: Scott's Thoughts) to go to that journal. There is no fee to participate on the CGC Message Boards, only a free CGC membership is required.
  13. You can find journal entries by a specific author by using the search tool and visiting their profile, and you can follow members to get notifications when they post new content.
  14. You can also click "My Journal" in the main menu to quickly find your own journal, journal entries, and replies. And you can search all journals by using the search tool.
  15. This is the original view of this journal on the Chat Boards. This view is locked, so members can no longer reply here. This journal is also posted in the new Journals section, which is unlocked. Click the link below to see any other comments about this journal and post new replies.