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  1. This is fixed! From this point forward, name changes should appear via the link on the profile page (seen in the screenshot above)
  2. Hi there! It should be fixed already. Are you still seeing this problem? If so, can you tell me which submission # you're searching for and/or share a screenshot?
  3. Scott =)


    Hi everyone! Here's a quick update: The boards host has been making updates to our setup, without necessarily notifying us ahead of time . Some of the changes they've made have led to periods of unavailability, but it looks like we're OK for now. One change triggered all posts to be re-indexed. This is a good thing long term, but re-indexing posts takes time. It typically runs for several days. The boards host may be making additional updates from now through Sunday. I'm working to get a better understanding of impact and exact timeframe. --- We're also going to be updating the Boards to version 4.4.0 soon. It's supposed to improve performance among other benefits... including a fix for display name history As with any boards upgrade, there may be unintended impacts. Upgrading PMG to 4.4.0 is already underway, and we're working to find issues and get them fixed. After that, we'll upgrade NGC... and then CGC. Upgrading PMG/NGC first helps us minimize the impact on this bigger community. Thank you for your patience, and sorry for any inconveniences you've been experiencing lately. Scott
  4. We have a fix for this, and we're working on getting it applied. Hopefully it'll be ready in the next week or so. Thanks for the heads up! Scott
  5. Those links are 14 years old, and it looks the URLs aren't handled by redirects. The "typical" URL format for old boards links is something like this: One thing you can try when encountering old broken links is pulling the "number" out of the old URL and substituting it into the URL above. For example: It's hard for me to tell if that brings you to the "correct" place. If that brings you to the wrong place/thread, I'm not sure what else can be done
  6. Hey! Thanks for the heads up - I'll look into this and ask the vendor what's going on. I noticed that the online user count has been quite a bit higher than usual lately, which is probably contributing. I'll keep you posted.
  7. The links in the OPs have been corrected.
  8. Hey bababooey! I'll see what I can do to get the links fixed. Thanks for mentioning it and happy Thanksgiving! Scott
  9. You can't. Even as an admin, I'm not aware of any way to see a list of everyone who is ignoring someone.
  10. Hi There... I posted a question to the "Ask CGC" on Sunday and it's now Thursday night so I was wondering how long it takes for a moderator to approve my content? It looks like someone else asked the same question on September 14th and their post apparently disappeared. Is this what happened to me?? Thanks for any help! - TCBK

  11. Hi Kav! I'm sorry you're having a bad experience with the login process. Here are a couple quick troubleshooting questions: Are you selecting the "Remember Me" checkbox when logging in? Are you using Incognito mode in Chrome? Are you using "Private" mode in iOS / Safari? If your answer to #2 or #3 is YES, you won't remain logged in even if you checked "Remember me". Hope this helps. Scott
  12. I've updated Last Reply to be the default sorting option! I was hoping more people would vote on this, but oh well. We can always change it back if necessary... Thanks to everyone who voted!