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  1. Hello, I suspect that there is an issue with searching titles for SHORT words. Whenever my search parameters include at least two words that are 3 characters or less, I see the same issue you described. Otherwise, results seem to show correctly. Do you have the same experience? People can follow threads anonymously. It looks like 2 people are secretive about their interest in Doctor Who
  2. Zero views + many replies

    Hi There, How frequently are you seeing this? I've seen it before, but it comes and goes. At the moment, I don't see it. I'm just curious to know how often this is occurring so that I can provide a little more detail to the boards provider. Thanks! Scott
  3. Hi Deadone, I found your gallery here: I was able to add a strutting eyeball gif to the gallery description without any problems. I think that's the issue you were describing...? I'm sorry, but I'm not that familiar with the Gallery feature so I'm not sure if I'm understanding your issue. You might be better served by asking @Architecht about your gallery questions, because he's more familiar with galleries. Scott
  4. Hi! I've logged issues for these things mentioned in this thread. font color on tabs on profile page Cover photo look / editability when adding a new profile pic search button on mobile gif images being duplicated when copy/pasting from other images on the boards. If you notice anything else, let me know! Scott
  5. What Happened to Date Joined?

    Hi everyone, Thanks for reporting the issue with the search button on small screens... we'll try to get that fixed today. This has already been noted, but join date is still accessible by hovering the avatar or username on desktop and it's available on mobile by tapping the avatar or username. For desktop, we can explore making it available without a hover, although I agree with Arch's assessment that this is low priority. I'm not sure about adding join date on mobile. Hiding non essential info/features on small screens is a normal design practice... as it helps you focus on what's most important and minimizes scrolling. Join date is interesting to look at sometimes, but I'm not sure if its important enough to justify displaying it on every post for every author, every time anyone loads any page. Keeping it one hover/click away doesn't seem unreasonable to me. For what it's worth, Join Date is just one of many fields that is hidden on mobile. For example, the custom titles, locations, and Kudo thread links don't display on phones either... What do you think? All constructive feedback welcome! Scott
  6. 5th Annual Green Eggs Grading Contest Sign Up Thread

    Hello! I've made a (temporary) adjustment that should allow you to create new private messages once again. I need to follow up with the boards vendor (Invision) for a permanent fix, but you should be good for now. Please ignore your "Member: No Posts" title for now too. I need Invision's help to understand why that group is being applied to certain individuals that it doesn't apply to. Thanks, Scott
  7. Take another look please... this issue should be fixed now!
  8. Hi There! Please take another look... we believe that this is now fixed. Let me know if you still see anything weird. Scott
  9. Thanks for the report. We'll try to get this fixed before the weekend.
  10. I'm using Windows 7 too, and I was able to react sadly to your post here in Firefox too. I'm also using the same theme as you. One thing you CAN'T do is react to your own posts. You also can't react to certain user groups (admins, etc).
  11. Interesting. The destination varies depending on which part of the preview I click. If I click your avatar, I'm brought to your profile. If I click anything else in the top section, I'm brought to your post. If I click the area about the thread your post is in, I'm brought to the first or last post in the thread. All of that behavior seems reasonable. It looks like the preview function is only working for links to specific posts. Links to a thread, or a specific page of a thread just show the red header
  12. Weird! I was able to choose the "sad" reply to your post. What operating system and browser / browser version are you using? (Feel free to PM me if you don't want to post publicly)
  13. Regarding the @ mentions, you may have to click the option in the little menu that loads as you're typing so that it knows which user you are trying to mention. I think someone else may have already suggested this. For example, if I type in @Marwood & I and never click the menu option, it might not be treated as a mention. Which kind of makes sense, because what if there was also a user named "Marwood"... how would it know that I wasn't trying to mention him instead of you? But if I type @Marwood & I and click the option in the menu before typing the word "and", I think it IS treated as a mention. The styling shows up immediately after clicking it in the menu, but seems to disappear after saving. Hopefully we can fix that.
  14. Weird. We'll take a look at this too.
  15. These are still working - I've gotten several notifications about people mentioning me recently. Yesterday's upgrade involved significant updates to the site themes (which control how everything looks on the boards). I'm guessing that something got messed up in the themes so that the @ mentions are no longer being styled distinctly, which we'll take a look at and try to fix. But I believe that the function is working correctly.