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  1. Hi Scott I'm new to the comic book collecting / selling. I am a new member to cgc . I am not sure what I'm doing just trying to figger it out . lol

    This seems to be a good place to get answers to any questions i have . Thank you 

  2. Hi  --  I have a CGC comic in my collection and I 'd like to see the grading details.  How does one see how the book was graded??  Thanks! Steven


  3. Hi Scott- could you approve my post on the sale forum (silver)...I can only list it for this weekend so I want to make sure it gets posted before I have to take it down.


  4. Hey Vintage - PM search worked for me with my account. I only have a couple hundred private messages, though. I'm guessing that performance / errors are directly related to how many private messages you have (and possibly how far back they go, and how many people are included on them, etc). I'm betting that bigger inbox = slower search and increased likelihood of errors. Just to confirm - I'm assuming you have many, many thousands of private messages, and they probably go all the way back to your join date, and many of them probably have lots of other people included. Does that sound right? Feel free to PM me the answers if you'd prefer. Once I understand your situation a little better, I'll raise the issue to the boards vendor and see if they have any advice. Thanks, Scott
  5. The fix went live a couple minutes before your post There are a LOT of notifications and other background processes queued up... I'm guessing it will be a day or so before it's fully caught up on everything.
  6. Hi Vintage! 1) I don't experience this problem when using the envelope icon at the top right of the site . When you click that envelope and then right click one of the messages and choose "Copy link address" in your browser, what URL does it give you? It gives me a URL ending in ?latest=1, and that means when I click the message it automatically brings me to the last message in the conversation. This is true for me regardless of whether I've read the conversation already. I see that if I go to and click one of the messages in the left panel, it brings me to the first message in the conversation. I don't see any options for you to change how this behaves, and I don't see any way for me to customize how it works as an admin either. The boards host (Invision) would need to create that option. 2) I'm not seeing this issue either. If this happens to you frequently, it could be helpful to know what search parameters you're entering and what specific error you're seeing. Feel free to PM me screenshots next time it happens. 3) I see what you mean. This would be nice, but it's not a feature of the chat boards currently. The boards host (Invision) would need to build it. 4) I was able to search for a message from 2010 successfully. How old is "older"? And do you have a huge inbox? It would be extremely helpful if you could PM me a screenshot of an example message in your inbox along with the failing search terms you're using to try to search for it. Scott
  7. Hi everyone, There's an error in the admin tools that has been interfering with background processing tasks for several days. This is why view counts/notifications/etc have been unreliable lately. I'm guessing it's causing other issues too. We're working to get it resolved as quickly as possible, but it may take a few more days. Thanks for your patience! Getting it fixed won't solve everything that's been mentioned in this thread, but it's a good start Scott
  8. This is fixed! From this point forward, name changes should appear via the link on the profile page (seen in the screenshot above)
  9. Hi there! It should be fixed already. Are you still seeing this problem? If so, can you tell me which submission # you're searching for and/or share a screenshot?
  10. Scott =)


    Hi everyone! Here's a quick update: The boards host has been making updates to our setup, without necessarily notifying us ahead of time . Some of the changes they've made have led to periods of unavailability, but it looks like we're OK for now. One change triggered all posts to be re-indexed. This is a good thing long term, but re-indexing posts takes time. It typically runs for several days. The boards host may be making additional updates from now through Sunday. I'm working to get a better understanding of impact and exact timeframe. --- We're also going to be updating the Boards to version 4.4.0 soon. It's supposed to improve performance among other benefits... including a fix for display name history As with any boards upgrade, there may be unintended impacts. Upgrading PMG to 4.4.0 is already underway, and we're working to find issues and get them fixed. After that, we'll upgrade NGC... and then CGC. Upgrading PMG/NGC first helps us minimize the impact on this bigger community. Thank you for your patience, and sorry for any inconveniences you've been experiencing lately. Scott
  11. We have a fix for this, and we're working on getting it applied. Hopefully it'll be ready in the next week or so. Thanks for the heads up! Scott