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  1. Something went wrong. Please try again.

    Hi - I merged those 2 threads together. Give it a few minutes and you should only see it listed once under "Popular now" Scott
  2. Something went wrong. Please try again.

    That issue should be fixed now for everyone except admins. If anyone else still sees it please let me know. Scott
  3. Something went wrong. Please try again.

    On it! Looks like it should be a fairly simple fix. Let me know if you spot anything else.
  4. TIPS for navigating the new boards quickly

    We released an upgrade for the boards this morning which was supposed to resolve this issue with searching subforums. Unfortunately, I'm still seeing the issue I've followed up with the boards vendor to let them know that this still isn't working, and hopefully they'll provide a real resolution soon. Thank you for bringing this up. Interestingly, upgrading the NGC/PMG chat boards to the latest version did successfully resolve this issue. Not sure why the CGC boards would be different...
  5. TIPS for navigating the new boards quickly

    Yes there is. See the image below.
  6. Something went wrong. Please try again.

    I haven't forgotten about you! But I don't have a substantial update yet. My post towards the bottom of page 5 of this thread is still the latest info I have to provide about the general slowness and intermittent errors you all have been reporting in the last few days. I WILL say that the boards are being upgraded to a recently released version (4.2.5) about 10 minutes from now, which means a couple things to you: The boards will be unavailable for about 5 minutes during the upgrade. Some of the issues that people have been reporting lately should be resolved by this upgrade (issues when editing posts, etc) The upgrade will probably NOT solve the general boards slowness, or random errors you all have been reporting lately. But as my post on page 5 describes, we are working on solutions for this. The next release after 4.2.5 (4.2.6) is supposed to significantly improve search speed in the private messages section, especially for people with big inboxes. Hopefully 4.2.6 will become available in the next week or 2. Thanks for your continued patience. Scott
  7. Something went wrong. Please try again.

    The boards vendor made a fix to hopefully stop people from getting those errors. If anyone sees that error again, please post here! Thanks, Scott
  8. Something went wrong. Please try again.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. For now, I'm going to focus on doing whatever I can do to help make the nasty errors that everyone's been seeing today go away. Regarding the long-term slowdown a few people have been mentioned, it's definitely something we've been monitoring and talking about how to solve. Our performance metrics suggest that the average load times have gradually worsened over the last few months. Not by a huge amount on average (less than a second), but still noticeable for a website where you load so many pages. Some features have worsened more than others. Some are mostly the same, while others show a more dramatic difference. In particular, things that involve heavy indexing (searches, using a large private message inbox, pulling up a profile page where activity displays, etc) have had some problems. Some of these problems are supposed to be improved and/or fixed entirely with upcoming boards upgrades. One such upgrade is planned for this Friday morning. We're also exploring other ways to make things better, whether that be changes in hosting, adjusting plugins, or upgrading to higher membership levels with the boards provider (among other things) I'm not exactly sure which things we'll wind up doing or when exactly they'll happen, but I wanted to at least let you know that we're aware of the problem and are working to solve it. I know that every fraction of a second of waiting time counts! Thanks, Scott
  9. Something went wrong. Please try again.

    Thanks for that feedback. Can either of you help me understand what you mean by "not working that great for quite a while"? Does that mean lots of errors? Slow load times? A combination of issues? etc.
  10. Something went wrong. Please try again.

    Hi All, I've entered a support ticket for the boards vendor to make sure they're aware of this issue. At this point, I'm not sure if this issue is specific to these boards or something wider-scale. I'll let you know as I learn more. Thanks, Scott
  11. It goes back 4 years for now. It's a rolling 4 years, which means that the thread you create now will no longer be searchable 4 years from now (assuming that no settings have been adjusted during that 4 year period). I wouldn't call threads older than 4 years "deleted", because they are still findable if you use the pagination tools on the site. Note: Since older content is findable via pagination, that means that it may also be findable if you use Google for your search... (see image below - that thread is currently on page 800 of Comics General and not updated since 2011, but findable via Google)
  12. Something went wrong. Please try again.

    That issue has been fixed!
  13. New Themes Available - v1.4

    That issue has been fixed! If anyone sees anything else, please let me know.
  14. Something went wrong. Please try again.

    Thanks for reporting this. This issue was introduced a couple hours ago as we were cleaning up the themes, and it's being investigated now. Hopefully it'll be resolved today. Thanks, Scott
  15. New Themes Available - v1.4

    Thank you. Odd that removing old themes seems to have caused an issue in the new themes. We're looking into this now.