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  1. The vendor posted a patch to resolve this. I did a little testing, and it appears to be working. @comicdonna @Point Five Anyone still seeing issues?
  2. Hi all, Thanks for reporting this. The boards vendor is looking into it. I think there are certain notifications that cause the issue whereever they happen to display. That would explain why your notifications preview SOMETIMES doesn't work, and sometimes does (because the offending notification eventually gets pushed out of that preview by newer notifications that don't have the same issue). It would also explain why the erroring pages of your notifications continuously change, as offending notification(s) move to different pages due to new notifications coming in. Thanks, Scott
  3. That's correct. You can only edit content created in the last 365 days. My account has special privileges though, so I revised the thread title in question. Feel free to PM me if any issues. @SkyJuice
  4. I worked with Dr. Love on this and we ultimately found that the issue was with his specific email address. His account properly received email notifications after we updated it to a random gmail address. It also received email notifications when we updated it to use a different email address at his current email provider. So, if anyone else is not getting email notifications, it would be worth seeing if it works if you update your account to a different email address.
  5. I'm wondering if part of the problem here is that the notification system works differently than what you might expect. Here's the behavior I'm seeing. Activities that sent notifications are in green, the ones that didn't send notifications are in red. If I'm following a specific thread, I get notifications when someone replies to that thread. If I'm following a forum section (ex: Comics General), I get notifications when a new thread is posted within that section. If I'm following a forum section, I do NOT get notifications when someone replies to an existing thread within that section. If I'm following a forum section, I do NOT get notifications when someone posts a new thread in a subsection of that section (ex: If I'm following Comics General, I will NOT get a notification if a new thread is posted under "Comics related - Movies, TV, Video games") If I'm following a forum section, I do NOT get notifications when someone replies to a thread in a subsection of that section. If I'm following a user, I get notifications when that user posts a new thread. If I'm following a user, I get notifications when that user replies to an existing thread. 3/4/5 seemed a little counter-intuitive to me, but I confirmed with the boards vendor that they work that way on purpose. I believe the intent is to try to avoid spamming people with a million notifications that they wouldn't actually want. If you're not getting notifications for 1/2/6/7, I would be interested to know what specific thread/section/user you're following that doesn't send them. I'd also be interested to know if both types of notifications aren't working (email + notification list), or if it's just the email notifications that aren't working. It's possible that your email program is moving notification messages to Spam or something else along those lines, which is what I would suspect if the email notifications are the only ones you're not getting. Thanks, Scott
  6. The transition is done, and I will be removing the sticky announcement from the header shortly. Thanks everyone!
  7. You tell me! It's started, and it's already 0.1% complete!
  8. I'm going to initiate the move shortly. Thanks in advance for your patience during this transition! Scott
  9. That thread doesn't really prove that the move to the new boards earlier this year caused images to be lost, considering that if you scroll down on page 1 you can see that some images are still available. Same thing if you jump to random pages. I jumped to page 1000 (from 2008) and saw a combination of broken images and images that still work. Images in that thread could have been uploaded directly to boards, but people also could have just posted links to images that were hosted elsewhere. It's not uncommon for images that were hosted elsewhere over a decade ago to no longer work. For all I know the image(s) in that first post have been missing for many years, or were never even there to begin with. As far as the thread preview, I'm not sure what logic that uses to decide what image to show. I'm guessing it just uses a random image that still appears somewhere else in that thread (sorry but I don't have time to look through all 2500 pages to confirm ) To answer your question, tonight's move applies to ALL images that are currently visible on Chat boards, including stuff that was posted before the move earlier this year. More than likely, images that are currently broken/missing will remain broken/missing. Let me know if further Qs. Thanks, Scott
  10. Hi Everyone! STARTING TONIGHT, we're moving all attachments on the boards to a new location on Amazon. We're doing this for performance reasons and to ensure that we have plenty of disk space available on the boards. All attachments will be moved (images, etc), including attachments posted in Threads, Journals, etc. There is a LOT of content to be moved (many, many gigabytes) and the transition will more than likely take at least 24 hours to finish. We're hoping it'll be done by Monday morning. When the transition is started tonight, all existing attachments will immediately disappear and gradually reappear throughout the weekend. The pic below shows you what an old image will look like during the transition. Once each image has finished moving to its new location on Amazon, it will appear as it did previously, instead of like it does in the pic above. -- If you post a new attachment during the transition, it should display correctly. It's only the old attachments that will be temporarily unavailable. I'm sorry for any inconveniences that this may cause, but it's a necessary step to help ensure that the boards run smoothly long term. If you have any questions about this move or if you notice any related issues, please let us know by replying below. Thanks, Scott
  11. TIPS for navigating the new boards quickly

    There are two things that you can right-click to copy the URL for a specific post: "posted yesterday at XX:XXpm" at the top of every post The "Share this post" icon at the top right of every post (looks like a < with 3 dots)
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    Hi - I merged those 2 threads together. Give it a few minutes and you should only see it listed once under "Popular now" Scott
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    That issue should be fixed now for everyone except admins. If anyone else still sees it please let me know. Scott
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    On it! Looks like it should be a fairly simple fix. Let me know if you spot anything else.