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  1. Same. I'm a novice on here compared to most, and that was just my gut call rather than a data-driven estimate. I'm curious to see what those more familiar with that market think it can hit
  2. Probably lol. I'm surprised it made it to the listing phase!
  3. Good luck with sale, thats a really good price. Early Dawn work isn't easy to come by.
  4. I'm just splitting hairs at this point but, functionally speaking, the seller pays both their own fees and the "buyer's" premium. Calling it that is really a misnomer on Heritage's part IMO. *That is, unless the seller is a big enough fish that they can negotiate better terms. Example: a page hammers at $1k. It becomes $1.2k with BP. Heritage doesn't start the seller's gross proceeds at the $1.2k- it starts at the $1k prior to their selling fee being deducted. As a seller, I've already lost two hundred bucks of the actual proceeds of the auction before any of my own fees are calculat
  5. Sorry to hear it. I've had terrible luck with that, as well. Don't know if it's a systemic thing or what, but for one reason or another, I can't count on it.
  6. Strong results pretty much across the board from what I've seen. I think whoever landed that Neal Adams Strange Adventures cover for $24k made out well, as did the buyer who landed the Olivia Harley Quinn cover for $9.6k. I'd like to see what happens the next time a Sandman cover gets listed.
  7. OK, so technically not comic art, but given how hard it is to find any Avatar: The Last Airbender published work, I'll take what I can get! From the Avatar: Legacy book:
  8. Good times! I still remember renting Clay Fighters for Super Nintendo when I was a kid 😆
  9. Love it, great page. Congrats! I wish I hadn't got outgunned on the page you sold to help fund this
  10. In the barren desert of Calvin & Hobbes material, there's a lot of very thirsty hunters. Offer up a couple glasses of water every now and then, and they'll sell for their weight in gold. I'm sure some more experienced collectors can chime in, but to me, C&H original material is the single biggest supply/demand imbalance of the last 40 years. It's so skewed. There's just nothing out there, so even lithos go insane.