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  1. Gorgeous painting I'd acquired directly from Donato years ago. The pictures are pretty, but don't do it justice! Auction ends March 3. https://comiclink.com/Auctions/item.asp?back=%2FComicTrack%2FAuctions%2Fauctions_first.asp&id=1384224
  2. Much appreciated! I was able to track down a 9.6, which will probably be the best I'll be able to find. Tough enough finding one of those with how few are out there. Best of luck on the hunt for the 9.8!
  3. Thanks, definitely glad a generous forum member was willing to part with one!
  4. I'm willing to negotiate, but hoping an initial offer of $200 plus shipping for a 9.6 may lure one out. A 9.8, I wouldn't know the right place to start since I've never seen one for sale and GPA hasn't had records of one being sold for nearly 10 years. I'll throw out $500 just to get a number out there.
  5. WTB: Cry for Dawn #1 second print, CGC 9.8 (not holding my breath lol) or 9.6
  6. Figure it's a long shot, but as good a shot as any! edit: posted to wrong forum accidentally, mods please delete
  7. I've been hunting hard for the second printing of #1 at 9.8, but with only 2 on the census, my hopes aren't high I'll come across one. I'd be happy with a 9.6 at this point. If anyone's got one to sell/trade or knows where to find one, let me know!
  8. Hi everyone, Long-time member, though I don't post much. Ebay handle is pogohuqa. For sale is a 9.8 (white pages) Captain Marvel 17 second printing, CGC #1206268003.. Asking price is $1375, which includes continental U.S. shipping via USPS. First in the thread takes it and trumps all PM negotiations. Offer is good until Sunday night, 11pm EST. Payment is via Paypal or Venmo. No returns/refunds.
  9. Just had a great transaction with Brett involving a run of raw Sandman autographed books. Quick shipping, good communication, and a heck of a deal. I'd gladly do business with him again
  10. Thanks for the opinions everyone! I'll be sending it in for grading shortly and will post the results.