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  1. Can't put much new money into the hobby this year, but did reshuffle some things to pick this up
  2. Never read Cerebus, but I'm interested. Is High Society a good starting point, or would another spot be better?
  3. I made my one liner. I'll refund you 200% of the cost of the zing if it wasn't to your satisfaction
  4. I'll also add that most of the high dollar modern fine art I've seen, stripped of the hype, doesn't hold up well as art 😆
  5. I was told $5k in total consignments was the minimum a few weeks back when I asked them.
  6. Lost in ASM55/symbiote silhouette covermania, a 9.8 God of Thunder 2 variant popped at $2200 this week
  7. My themes are Sandman paintings and Eric Powell Goon (pages or covers). There's another oddball piece here or there, but those are definitely the core focus.
  8. You know, I laugh, but the seller may actually be on to something 🤔 😆
  9. It shows, definitely pays proper homage to those classic WWII GA covers!
  10. Sell more than I buy. Pick up more Eric Powell Goon art. Secondary goals are a Jay Anacleto or Budd Root
  11. Looking to pay GPA prices plus shipping via PayPal. White pages preferred. Feel free to negotiate here or via PM 9.2: $350 9.4: $590 9.6: $850 9.8: $2750 ($100 over last gpa sale, but that is showing as January 2020 and I know others have sold since then that haven't been captured). Kudos thread here:
  12. We're in alignment- my point wasn't to rehash the old 1st appearance vs preview thing...what I was pointing out was that, even if one buys 1000% in to previews being the true first appearance, there still isn't a case for Malibu Sun being the first appearance, as Spawn appeared in other previews first. So, regardless of what side of the fence one is regarding the first appearance debate, the one thing all parties should be in agreement on is that MB Sun ain't it and shouldn't be advertised as such. Apologies if that's splitting hairs too finely- I'm sure I can dig up something more in th