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  1. There were 500 copies of the NYCC convention variant and 250 copies of the SDCC con variant. I couldn't pin down a total for the normal first printing
  2. Final bump, auctions end soon today These aren't easy books to come by in open auction settings, as most sellers aren't crazy enough to list them with minimal starting bids with no reserves. Take advantage of that craziness and get yourself a bargain!
  3. Came across this while I was sorting through a long box it'd been buried in for 20 years. I've never seen another one, couldn't find any info online, and have no idea what it's worth. All I know is it's sealed, edition of 500, and signed by Bagley. Anyone else know anything about it?
  4. For a zero feedback seller no less...either a joke or money laundering?
  5. Well done, that's a stunner! I was very fortunate to land this one, but I certainly can't take the credit for being the one who bought it off the racks
  6. Come check em out! I like to make my auctions as buyer friendly as possible- shipping's on me, no reserves, and $1 starting bids. I let the market speak for itself, so have some fun and pick up a tough to find book or two at a fair price! Auctions run until next Saturday https://www.ebay.com/itm/224162727544 https://www.ebay.com/itm/224162830427
  7. Priced to move! I've got a couple beauties on tap- copper aged and white paged! First up is Evil Ernie #2, featuring the first cover appearance of Lady Death. One of only 25 Universal copies in grade at the top of the census. Asking $485 shipped with USPS The nitty gritty: 1)First wins. 2) time payments- I'll need full payment within two weeks of committing to buy with a 25% deposit. My apologies on less flexible terms than usual. 3) Payment via Paypal goods and services, personal check, or money order. Book will be dispatched upon funds clearance. 4) No HOS'ers. 5) offer good until Wednesday, September 23rd at 9pm EST. At that point, I'll list it on eBay. I'd rather not go that route, so don't be shy about making an offer!
  8. Please post your positive feedback here
  9. My first time dealing with Keith, and hopefully not the last. Working with him was fantastic. I never thought negotiations for an illiquid book with no comps could go that smoothly. He's a credit to the hobby.