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  1. Another 9.8 at $4,200 with 2 days left though:
  2. One of my favorites, I need to get this book. I guess the characters aren't actually messing with it, but it's still a cool way to implement it.
  3. The first slabbed comic I bought was Batman #404 - Year One Part One - in a 9.4 W. Since then I've kept my eye out for deals and cheap copies of the other three parts in 9.4 W so I could have a matching set. I finally got the final part on Sunday, issue #406. I know they're not 9.8s and ultimately they're not anything crazy, rare or hard to find, but it was fun putting the set together by trying to find the best deals, and I got the whole set for less than the current FMV of a 9.8 copy of 404.
  4. I waited a bit longer, reached out a couple of more times without response and finally filed for a refund with my credit card company yesterday. I was half hoping it would prompt a shipment, but so far I've heard nothing. I assume I'll just get a refund at this point. Sucks because I really wanted the books and they're now going for a lot more than what they were when I ordered them, but I guess that's how it goes.
  5. Die!namite #1 is from Unknown Comics and the Batman #100 is from Bulletproof. Pricey books for a variant cover, but I just was an instant fan of his art as soon as I saw these, and I really wanted them.
  6. He hasn't done a ton of covers yet, but he's got a few now and he's starting to have more each month. Puppeteer Lee is an amazing artist and I think he'll continue to do big things. Here are a couple:
  7. Me as Captain America at a Halloween party back in the day - happy Halloween!
  8. I've posted about GoCollect's seeming inability to keep up with this book in the past, but now I'm honestly starting to wonder if something shady is going on with them. Before I thought they maybe couldn't keep up with this book, since it seemed to continue to climb at an unbelievable rate - that was at least plausible and maybe understandable. But now... in the past couple of days they finally upgraded FMVs a bit - 9.8 was at $3,400, 8.5 was at $475 (I paid attention to these two as basically the top grade and the grade I own). But today they updated again. They downgraded FMVs across every single grade. For example, they downgraded 9.8 FMVs to $2,700 and 8.5s to $375. The last 5 eBay sales of CGC blue 9.8 were $4,999; $4,124.95; $4,451; $4,368 and $5,200. The last 5 eBay sales of 8.5s were $500; $585; $500; $675 and $600. Up to now, it was a point of annoyance in what seemed like a situation where GoCollect couldn't keep up to the FMVs of a fast-increasing book. At this point though, after a half-measure upgrade two days ago and then a seemingly blatant downgrade of this book's FMV on 10/31, it begs the question if there are ulterior motives at play to suppress the true value of this book. I know GPA is the standard, but for a lot of people (like myself) who don't deal in a lot of graded books, GoCollect was billed as the best alternative. But if FMVs are this far off, and especially if they're being manipulated, that's a big problem.
  9. We need a Puppeteer Lee appreciation post, this guy is an insane artist.
  10. Puppeteer Lee is an absolute genius artist...
  11. Sure, the total census amount is definitely a difference, but I'm not saying that ASM 300 is going to become a $40,000 book or whatever 181 is now in a 9.8. I'm just saying that there are parallels that can explain why ASM 300 is growing in price, if my theory is correct that people don't want to miss the boat on a relatively affordable key that still has some meat on the bone in terms of realizing more value. I think available supply is a better metric than total overall census too - and there are more total available copies of ASM 300 for sale than IH 181, but the comparison ratio starts to go down when you look at that in relation to total existing copies. For example, there are currently 126 blue label CGC 9.8s of IH 181 on the census. 2 are for sale right now on eBay, which is 1.58% of existing copies for sale. And there are 1,048 blue label CGC 9.8 ASM 300, and 13 are available on eBay for sale - that's 1.24% of existing copies for sale.
  12. I've mentioned this before, but one interesting thing to note is the comparison of ASM 300 to Hulk 181, in the sense that 181 was a slow increase on value for years and then seemed to take off about 30-35 years after its initial release. We're currently at 32 years on ASM 300. Both books are the first full appearance of what became massively popular characters, and 300 has the extra kick of a massively popular artist and an anniversary issue. My take on it is that there were people who missed on out major keys in the past like IH 181 when they were still affordable, and they don't want to make that mistake again with what is arguably the top mass-appeal key of the Copper Age that is still widely attainable (yes, I'm aware of TMNT 1, but that is also not affordable for many/most at this point). For me, I bought in on ASM 300 in the price/grade I felt comfortable affording, which was an 8.5, in mid-September (happened to be a newsstand). I paid $380. The last 5 sales of a CGC blue label 8.5 on eBay were $585, $500, $675, $600 and $536, between 10/20-10/26. I wrote the below in an earlier post, highlighting a post I found from 2010 where people were saying Hulk 181 was overvalued, prices were skyrocketing for no reason, the bubble would burst, and if you paid $1,000 for a copy you wouldn't make your money back: "In 2010, $1,000 would have probably gotten you a VF or 8.0 copy of IH 181. FMV on that copy today - 10 years later - is more than 4x that at about $4,300." So my opinion is that we're seeing people who want to get in while it's still relatively low, who may have missed out on other keys before they went high - GSXM 1, IH 181, etc.
  13. I feel like it's right near the cut line, but when I think of that change over from Bronze to Copper, I tend to think in terms of Crisis on Infinite Earths which came out in 1985/86. I guess maybe Secret Wars would be the Marvel equivalent cut line between the two ages?
  14. Another astounding sale of this key book