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  1. Like the title says... I want to match my 9.4 141 (new holder/label preferred, but I'm open to any). GoCollect FMV is at $90, open to discussion around that price.
  2. New acquisition but it immediately became my most prized - I absolutely love his art style, so to think I have a small, one-of-a-kind (each remarque is different, 16 in total) piece of his original work is amazing. And I got it at a steal of a deal, which also makes me happy!
  3. Loss - I bought a small mystery box from an LCS. It was full of mostly Sovereign Seven issues. Win - It wasn't too long after the Great Toilet Paper shortage of '20, so I was set ok...
  4. My picks (nice selection by the way!): From the following list, pick the ten books you would like to see submitted! 1. Thor 337 2. GI Joe 21 (Canadian Price Variant) 3. Avengers Annual 10 4. Predator 1 (first Dark Horse app) 9. Ms Marvel 12 (double cover) 10. Batman 635 14. Avengers 196 15. Secret Wars 8 (origin black Spidey costume) 18. X-Men 129 19. X-Men 130 Finally from the 7 listed below (the big boys category), pick the 3 you would like to see graded! 2. ASM 129 3. Fantastic Four 49 5. Captain America 117
  5. I thought ASM 258 was the first Venom - the symbiote detaches from Peter and comes to life in the Fantastic Four's lab...
  6. That's amazing! Awesome set-up. I remember when the original TMNT Usagi toy came out, I traded another kid a bunch of baseball cards for him!
  7. Found Critters #1 and Critters #2 (yes, I know Usagi isn't in #2) today in a box of random books, mostly Marvel stuff, at an LCS - I looked in the other boxes to see if they had any other issues or any other Usagi stuff, Turtles, etc., but these were it. $15 for the pair!