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  1. Nice looking pence copies of BA Kirby Caps are suddenly becoming a thing for me...
  2. Wonderful gift received today from a VERY good friend. My cousin and I absolutely LOVED this mag back in the late '70s...and the Goodwin/Simonson Star Wars strip doesn't hurt, either! Now I want the whole damn run!!! PS: I think what Frampton "stepped in" was this poop-stinker of a movie!!!
  3. The missus and I took a long walk on a local trail this morning, and then paid a quick visit to my LCS on the way home, where I found these two '70s beauties for very light $$...
  4. After nearly 50 years of reading/collecting, ya really gotta love it when you unexpectedly find a book which is buried deep on your want list as a number only, and which turns out to feature a cover by your favorite artist (from your favorite period for his work) which you have never seen before, and never even knew existed...all for under a buck. And a decent copy, too!!!
  5. Date is borderline/late BA, and (technically) it's not 100% a BB comic (more like a "Showcase" title). On the other hand, it does contain a new story, so that's a plus. So I say, yeah -- close enough! Unless you count the Modern Comics BB Ditko reprints released in the late '70s which preceded it by several years:
  6. Not sure why I care about high grade late '70s Charltons...but I kinda do...
  7. Out of four packages I've received from MCS over the past few months (including one last week), only one arrived later than expected (delay of one day). My wife just received a book from the UK which arrived in under a week. problems or complaints here...
  8. This was on the top of my reading pile for today: Then I opened it up...
  9. Was very pleased to get this copy in recently -- sold as a "Good", and the stamp (to me at least) was a BIG bonus: Could one of our fine friends from across the big pond please be so kind as to decode all of the numbers and markings on the price stamp for us pre-decimalisation dullards over here in the colonies? 'Twould be very much appreciated!
  10. Does anyone still use "OOP" (out of print) on eBay to imply that, for example, a VG Conan #105 is somehow scarce or exotic?
  11. Redondo's art is glorious, no doubt, and the whole series is also very well written by Robert Kanigher (loosely adapted from an obscure 19th century novel). A lost & somewhat forgotten '70s gem that yields much enjoyment for a certain kind of reader...