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  1. Out of four packages I've received from MCS over the past few months (including one last week), only one arrived later than expected (delay of one day). My wife just received a book from the UK which arrived in under a week. problems or complaints here...
  2. This was on the top of my reading pile for today: Then I opened it up...
  3. Was very pleased to get this copy in recently -- sold as a "Good", and the stamp (to me at least) was a BIG bonus: Could one of our fine friends from across the big pond please be so kind as to decode all of the numbers and markings on the price stamp for us pre-decimalisation dullards over here in the colonies? 'Twould be very much appreciated!
  4. Does anyone still use "OOP" (out of print) on eBay to imply that, for example, a VG Conan #105 is somehow scarce or exotic?
  5. Redondo's art is glorious, no doubt, and the whole series is also very well written by Robert Kanigher (loosely adapted from an obscure 19th century novel). A lost & somewhat forgotten '70s gem that yields much enjoyment for a certain kind of reader...
  6. My LCS (a small, two-store chain) is closed to foot traffic and delivery, but is now offering mail order service: I'm a subscriber, so I e-mailed and placed an order for the current contents of my box, some extra books they had on the shelves (which I saw courtesy of a "shelf review" Facebook video they posted), and also $100 worth of random SA/BA comics or mags (any title/grade/issue number/price...their choice). I called the store to give them my credit card number: the owner was taking the calls himself, and he said that the phone had been ringing off the hook with similar orders for several days. I guess it's just heartening to know that fans are out there doing their part when and if they can...
  7. Mostly sentimental. I bought my first copy for a dime at a small basement thrift store back in the mid 1970s (it's not the copy pictured above, but I do still have it). At the time, it was one of the oldest back issues in my collection! First "Swanderson" art on Supes, too, which makes it roughly similar to the 'Tec 395 in that it introduced a (slightly) new, sleeker look for a franchise-level character, and debuted an era-defining art team as well...