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  1. Here's a pleasant surprise which arrived earlier this week in a small lot of Silver Age I'd ordered, sight-unseen. It was advertised as a Poor/Fair. But in-hand it is 100% complete w/both covers and all pages firmly much closer to a Fair/Good in my book -- the FULL date stamp on the front cover was very much the cherry on top! Sadly, it is not for sale (I collect date-stamped books), unless someone REALLY wants it! :P
  2. Don't ever give up! I was stuck at a very busy table helping my older sister sell her daughter's '80s toy collection for most of the day, and didn't get to the box where I found this one until later in the afternoon. Throughout the day, I watched several local/veteran dealers (who clearly should have known better) go through the same box and miss it. Bottom line? It's important to try! :P
  3. Looking for a solid, complete copy of ASM 17 in the G to VG- range which presents nicely with bold cover colors for $150 or so, if such a thing exists. General wear and tear is NOT a problem. The deal breakers for me are large pieces missing from the front cover, a detached or partially detached cover, and rusted staples. On the other hand, a true date stamp (i.e., not a hand-written mark) is a big plus! Also: a slightly nicer copy with any Marvel-chipping trimmed away is not a problem so long as it's priced right! Thanks! -Mikey
  4. Here are a few surprise finds from a local flea market this past weekend, where I was helping my older sister sell off her daughter's large collection of '80s toys. EXTRA CREDIT: "Rod Gray", who wrote the R-rated Bond/U.N.C.L.E. parody/sex-romp novel, was a pseudonym for a writer who should be fairly well-know around these parts. Who was it? (Hint: It's Gardner Fox...)
  5. Good article here...
  6. What makes this thread complicated is the OP's definition of a "great collector" as someone who was also, very early on, a prominent advocate for comics collecting and fandom in general. Edgar Church clearly amassed, for his own reasons and at the very dawn of the Golden Age, a "great collection" -- easily the single most significant assemblage of comics in the history of the medium -- which almost by definition and by any objective standard makes him the "first great collector". But he doesn't make the cut because he wasn't a proto-"fan" in a contemporary sense. That second benchmark is the sticking point, and sets up a kind of false dilemma, I think. Anyway...great thread. I'm looking forward to the big reveal from the OP...
  7. Edgar Church... Sorry! That's what I get for posting on the fly at work. Carry on...
  8. What about Marv Wolfman? He and Wein were close friends, and came up together at Marvel...
  9. Maybe someone could ask Starlin? If anything, he might be able to shed some light on the origin of their collaboration on the graphic novel, and possibly rule it out as the Wrightson story mentioned in the '70s lettercol...
  10. My guess is that whatever it was, it eventually morphed into this about a decade later...
  11. Hey all...kinda-sorta off topic, but I could use a little help. Yesterday, while visiting our daughter at college, my wife lost her much-beloved, official BBC Dr. Who scarf: Unfortunately, this shorter version of the Tom Baker scarf is sold out from Amazon, and apparently discontinued by the manufacturer. So any assistance in procuring a replacement would be very much appreciated. Please feel free to PM me. Thanks! -Mike