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  1. 38/100. Looking at that list, the ones I own are pretty much the only ones I'd want...
  2. jools&jim

    Why people hate most modern books
  3. A few road-trip finds from this past weekend. Nothing spectacular, but for my money at least you just can't beat digging cool and unexpected old books out of beat-up old long white boxes, paying for them on the spot, and taking 'em home that day. Two high(er) grade BA DCs: A few cheap winners for my date-stamp collection: A (very minor) SA DC key: A 1980 trade collection of oddball stories by Berni Wrightson: Some random DC silver: And a few cheapie odds-and-ends: A good time was had by all...!!!
  4. jools&jim

    Bronze age works of Jack Kirby

    I can't wait to read the story where Orion's frail and timid teenage alter ego (Orville Ryan) catches a cold, and can't return to his after-school job at the local planetarium to pick up his Mother Box (disguised as a Texas Instruments pocket calculator), which could cure him and transform his physique once again into the mighty scourge of Apokolips. Then he could soliloquize about cruel fate and man's inhumanity to man from the top of a frosty, windswept mountain in Tibet while eating wheatcakes and waiting for his Orion suit to come back from the dry-cleaners...
  5. jools&jim

    Kirby's 1st Panther sketch...

    To me, that sketch is completely consistent with other concept/design work, done in colored markers, which Kirby would produce over the years, for example:
  6. Here are two awesome toys that got away from me, from (roughly) the same era...
  7. jools&jim

    San Diego Comic Con - Kirby & Royer

    All might be as you say, and I sincerely hope it is! Still, due diligence calls, especially if the item is at some point offered for sale here or elsewhere. To my untrained eyes at least, there is enough variance between the 1991 autograph and the presumed early '70s sig, irrespective of the choice of pen, to raise at least a minor red flag. Once again, I strongly urge the OP to check with our resident experts in the Signature forum: 
  8. jools&jim


    I thought you all might get a kick out of this... My wife has been a public childrens' librarian for a very long time now. Recently, she and her colleagues were assigned the thankless and frankly silly task of creating a superhero-type character action figure (for an upcoming pre-school program in the main library branch) using nothing but a "blank" fabric craft doll and whatever materials were readily available in the library. Here is the blank fabric doll which everyone started with... ...and here is what my wife came up with... LEGOMAN FRONT: LEGOMAN BACK: The idea, of course, is that "Legoman" can transform himself into whatever he needs to be to surmount any challenge simply by adding additional Lego blocks to his existing exo-structure. I thought it was ingenious, amusing, and clever...but what the hell do I know? We'll see what the kids think in February...
  9. jools&jim

    San Diego Comic Con - Kirby & Royer

    There is always a point to counterfeiting: it's variously called "money" or "profit". That said, the signature could certainly be authentic. I have no idea. All I'm saying is that, for the era during which it was supposedly signed, a fat-tipped marker sig is at least somewhat atypical, and so seeking out additional opinions from our resident experts in such things is probably not a bad idea.