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  1. jools&jim

    Collecting Goals for 2018

    Very cool! Would love to hear the story of why this book was so important to you. Was it to complete a high-grade slabbed set, or was there a more personal reason?
  2. ANYTHING written by Rick Remender...
  3. jools&jim

    This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    I was VERY pleased to find these colorful, late-period, & apparently "un-circulated" mid-to-high grade Charlton reprint titles (lotsa Ditko!!!) from a single source:
  4. Fall weekend haul from a road-trip the wife and I made to PA to visit our kid in college: • Great reading, and damn near a complete set... Some nifty 3D St. Johns from the early 1950s... • And, finally, some $1 - $4 apiece Silver and Bronze Age... Still LOTS of fun stuff out there on the cheap, folks...and especially if you're not "key-obsessed", love it for what it is, and ain't all that picky about grade...!
  5. jools&jim

    Is this Wolverines inspiration?

    That's a fun movie and a cool book...beautifully illustrated in high style by the great Russ Manning!
  6. Btw...where does it say "1979" in the auction listing? Apologies if I'm missing something. Thanks!
  7. ...which is precisely why an item like this should NEVER be bid on for any amount over-and-above what the unsigned litho itself is worth (= not very much), unless the potential buyer can view it in person, and either doesn't give a damn and can afford to take a chance or is also a preeminent authority on signature authentication. There are really only two outcomes at the (extremely broad) estimated hammer price for this thing: it's either the genuine article, or a very expensive and very colorful piece of toilet paper. Caveat emptor...
  8. I'll say! In terms of "house styles", Swan was in some sense DC's superior predecessor to Marvel's Buscema brothers, all rolled up into a singular non-Kirby influenced titan -- i.e., a reliable journeyman at first, and then a master craftsman who eventually became THE definitive artist for the first and best of National's only two truly great properties. Swan's expert storytelling (heavily influenced, in my view at least, by Reed Crandall), lithe women, nuanced facial expressions, and (yes, it really does matter) draftsman-like backgrounds were so smooth and natural that it was terribly easy, and also a terrible mistake, not to notice them. Take heed, modern artists: Swan made the fantastic look plausible and the everyday look real. Wow. So, naturally, DC put him out to pasture. What a damned, dirty shame...
  9. This would have been an awesome post in a thread titled "Post Your Favorite Covers NOT Drawn by Curt Swan"...
  10. THIS JUST IN to my collection this week: another Modern Multi-Pak with a retail price sticker (Hat Tip to ShieldAgent!): What a bargain! A retail value of $1.05, on sale for 99¢ -- a whopping 6¢ discount! No wonder these things failed...!
  11. Thanks for sharing these. Very cool...another "blow out" price sticker on the Monster Hunters! Is it 8 or 6 for a dollar?
  12. jools&jim

    This Week in Your Bronze Age Collection!!

    These two cool Marvel pence variants (from one of my all-time favorite BA King Kirby runs!) unexpectedly turned up late last week for very light $$...
  13. And here is some mildly inaccurate information, courtesy of the "Charlton Comics" Wikipedia entry: The Modern books reprinted both '60s and '70s material, and were clearly on sale several years before the 1980s began...