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  1. Another several weeks. All told, I think it hits 2.8B worldwide and 850M domestic.
  2. And because of bias, you can't go by these ratings either. These are far worse than the critics. Captain Marvel and Black Panther alone prove this list extremely biased.
  3. One thing about TH, is that he also had several allegations of violence and abuse at this point, and he was known to be "off," and of course, right after Iron Man 2, more and worse allegations came out against him concerning abusing his wife. We know they're mostly, if not all, true, because he's admitted to most of it. I'm sure that played a role in it, but if not, replacing him with Cheadle has become one of those "we got lucky there" moments for Marvel.
  4. The Nolan films are great, no doubt. Batman Begins is my favorite of the 3, but I wouldn't say they're the best for me personally. Batman, Batman Returns, Iron Man, CA, BP, and a few others woud top my list before them.
  5. Sexual assault is disgusting. Child porn is disgusting. This is a movie studio taking a different direction than the one that we have all seen multiple times and has become dull and entirely over done to death. Check yourself. Just because you want to see the same ol' thing every time does not mean the rest of us do. Yes, we lap up change and yes, we lap up entertainment. You should try it sometime.
  6. I for one am glad we dont hear about Uncle Ben. How many times do we have to hear the same story?
  7. Glad this is out soon. I thought Tobey was a great Spiderman, but Tom is the closest to the comics for me, and the first movie surprised me after going into it not hyped.
  8. I finally got around to seeing Captain Marvel. This movie was excellent. The only part I didn't care for was Nick Fury's interactions with the cat, and the reason for his eye being gone, but everything else was slightly above par for Marvel movies. Brie Larson was perfect for me in the role, and the Skrulls were amazing. That flip was the best part of the movie for me. I also loved how she put Yon Rogg in his place at the end. Easily an 8.6/10.
  9. No, we called you out for your blatant sexism. You were flagrantly out of line.
  10. Homecoming was an amazing movie, and Holland has been my favorite Spider-Man so far. Looking forward to this very much, and the stills look great.
  11. Best covers: 1. Francesco Martina - Both covers 2. Mike Mayhew (those colors!) 3. Alex Ross #27 Homage 4. Scott Williams/Jim Lee 5. Mico Suayan (would be higher if Batman's leg muscles were realistic) 6. Dan Jurgens Among the rest, a few are okay. Most are boring poses, or women in completely unrealistic poses and body types.