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  1. This was inspired by the book Black Like Me.
  2. I live in Pasadena. Which store? Has to be Collectors Paradise because Comics Factory doesn't buy comics (at least they didn't)
  3. 1. Iron Man 2. Captain America First Avenger 3. Captain America Winter Soldier 4. Avengers End Game 5. Tie between Black Panther and Ant-Man
  4. What? Tom Hanks has almost never played the same character twice. He absolutely becomes the characters he's playing. This isn't even an opinion, it's just flat out wrong.
  5. Does anyone know a site to rent it? It's buyable, but for $20. I'd like to watch it, but trying to pay no more than $5
  6. WOW. That would be awesome if they actually did those movies.
  7. It's more than obvious why men are reviewing these projects so negatively. It's also shameful and disgusting.
  8. What is a Monday order? Sorry, that made me chuckle. I just had to respond.
  9. Well, this sucks. If Spiderman is no longer a part of the MCU, I will bootleg the movies, but I won't be supporting Sony going forward.
  10. I can't wait to see some footage, or a trailer. I never really like Scarlett as a person, but she's played this role very well, and as good as Captain Marvel was, I'm hoping this is at least as good. If so, man oh man....