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  1. Ok, that's what I thought, but wasn't sure if i missed something. thanks
  2. How is it baby Yoda? Wouldn't he have had to have been born long before all this takes place?
  3. I've been waiting to see if Hawkman would get screen time. Hopefully they do him justice.
  4. I just put a reminder in my phone to check tonight when I get home. I'll message you in the morning with updates.
  5. Let me check. I should have at least a few of these. raw books, but in the condition you're looking for.
  6. I'm so glad we haven't had to hear about Uncle Ben yet again. I hope they never mention him in this iteration.
  7. I downloaded the app, and enjoyed the free books. The $6 monthly isn’t too bad, but the app has no option to get a subscription and you have to go to amazon, which I don’t like, plus amazon keeps acting weird, saying I don’t have an email account with comixology when the app shows my email. Any other options?
  8. The Jetsons, Thundercats, and a few others definitely have appeal.
  9. I don't want to join another website, but this is really nice to do and you are a good artist. Someone will get to enjoy this.