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  1. It's more than obvious why men are reviewing these projects so negatively. It's also shameful and disgusting.
  2. What is a Monday order? Sorry, that made me chuckle. I just had to respond.
  3. Well, this sucks. If Spiderman is no longer a part of the MCU, I will bootleg the movies, but I won't be supporting Sony going forward.
  4. I can't wait to see some footage, or a trailer. I never really like Scarlett as a person, but she's played this role very well, and as good as Captain Marvel was, I'm hoping this is at least as good. If so, man oh man....
  5. Unfortunately, this "buyer" did not return my PM's. These are still available.
  6. To each their own of course, but I thought every single Craig film was excellent. Spectre was one of my favorites.
  7. Another 2-3 weeks. There was a point I thought maybe it wouldn't make it, but it's a guarantee now.
  8. TwoPiece is very informative on a lot of subjects. When he's right, which is more than often, I have no problem agreeing with him, and I will, but, as I've made perfectly clear, I will confront him when I think he's out of line. I will not be silent or complicit in anything i feel is wrong, regardless what any poster here, or this website, wants. I will not look the other way. Ever. I will stand behind my convictions 100%. We need to stop being silent. We can call each other out, which is a good thing and healthy, when necessary. If he won't listen, that's on him. But I won't say he isn't on point about things when he is.
  9. Gotcha. Doesn't really affect my opinion of the movie that much, but I still wish they had a better term for it.
  10. So why not say "Who has played Spider-Man the best?" If that's the question, I have them both tied for now. I like both, and feel both have strengths and weaknesses.