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  1. I bought the notes out of curiousity. The fact that they didn't mention the smudge at all was kind of interesting... CGC Grader Notes small bend left top of back cover small bend right top of front cover
  2. Thanks everyone, I definitely don't want to get a lower grade...may just count my blessings and leave it alone. That top corner crunch doesn't actually have any color loss, it might be the glare on the edges that makes it look worse. But I get what everyone is saying. If I take the gamble (not likely) I'll post the results. I'm newer to getting my books graded so I really I appreciate all the feedback.
  3. Pressing should fix the corner and possibly that smudge though, right? I'm wondering what kind of success I should really expect from a cleaning/pressing. You think it might get downgraded?
  4. I've had this Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (9.6 ss) for a little while and I'm looking for some opinions on whether I should get it pressed...wondering if it can get bumped to a 9.8 or if I should just be happy with what I got. There are no grader notes, but there's a clear minor corner crunch that can be seen on the back cover that doesn't break color and either dirt or some other kind of smudge near the bottom staple next to the remarque. I'm thinking, if its a 9.6 and I can see these things from the outside...then it should be the only things keeping it from a 9.8. I've only pressed a few com