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  1. That's awesome. Love the facial expressions! Did Dave do the lettering as well?!?
  2. That's an awesome idea! Glad he did it well for the two of you.
  3. Can I ask what he did for her? No pressure if it's too personal. But yeah, great guy to work with.
  4. Maleev is underrated in my opinion. One of the pioneers of up close and personal visual storytelling in modern comics.
  5. Dave did a quick pencil sketch of Babs on his instagram and I just had to snatch it up. Would love to see him get to draw a run for DC.
  6. Babs alert! Just got these. A rather fun page of Oracle and Azrael by Roger Robinson. Probably not a great investment per say but it's a fun page and it was on the cheap. And a pencil sketch of Babs that Dave Acosta posted on his instagram. Based on this I'd love to see him take a crack at the character.
  7. Hey all, I own most of DC's mistress of magic appearances and some original art too, but I don't have the book with this panel. I'm sure it won't be hard to find. Anyone know which book? Thanks a lot! And... Thanks again!
  8. Not the most known series, but does anyone know where any of the pages are from DC's most recent Manhunter iteration (the Kate Spencer version)? Some pages by Brad Walker are out there, but I am more interested in any by Jesus Siaz or Javier Pina.
  9. Love the film, love this art, and Brereton has always seemed like a cool fellow. My only complaint is this art needs more Keith David!
  10. Two of the best pages I own, recently acquired from Kyle Hotz. I truly believe the most recent iteration of the Justice League Dark is one of the best recent runs of a big two series, period. It shows in these pages by Kyle:
  11. Really enjoy the top panel and would love to see the story come to fruition. That said, the middle panel bugs me only because, as a Babs fan, I think Jessica Cruz's face here looks too similar to Barbara's in Paul's recent Batgirl run. Of course, seeing as this is an unused page it doesn't really matter. It's a pretty nice page still, and to me it would actually be better from an artistic standpoint if it remains unused (due to the character resemble nice) but on the other hand if it is used it would be pretty neat to see an unpublished page you own suddenly get out out to the masses
  12. Agreed. I love Archie Digest covers. I have never been a bonafide Archie collector, but the covers always give you a great idea what the comic will be like. I have always wished superhero and other comics would do this more.
  13. Thanks folks. I think late next week I'll send a follow up using the wixite site, but I'll also send it to the email address from the other site too.