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  1. Hello I recently purchased a French Star Wars Comic by Panini. To my surprise it arrived as a rather thick square bound comic. I measured it and it is just under 1/4 inch. Book has a gorgeous Ross cover that I’d like to get slabbed for my PC. Is this doable? thanks
  2. I picked up a 9.4 Sig Series recently. After inspection it appears to have a couple of non color breaking ticks and one tick that does break color. I’d like to send in for press and regrade to see if I can get it to 9.6. With regards to filling out the submission forms is there anything I need to do than I would for a standard press and grade submission? thanks
  3. Thanks for all of the responses. Yeah I started the return immediately after discovering the evidence that suggested a shill account was used. someone Above asked if it was really scratched. Yes it is scratched in a few spots. But I’d be lying if I said I’m not using this a convenient excuse for a return because I strongly suspect the bid up. Plus I paid almost double the amount anyone has ever paid for this book is it too much to ask for an undamaged case or at least one where the damage was disclosed before hand. in the end, Lesson learned, if I can’t be available to bid
  4. Curious what people think. And before I begin I want to note that I was negligent in protecting myself in this situation regardless of what actually happened, I’m new to Comic buying on eBay as I like many returned to the hobby after a 15 year absence because of the COVID situation. Ok... last month I wanted to place a bid for a book I have wanted for my PC since returning to the hobby. There are only ~75 copies in 9.8 so they don’t pop up often. Based on completed sales on eBay it’s a book that goes for between $125-$180. As it happened the auction was scheduled to end during a t
  5. So to be clear you bought this off of eBay or something right? You didn’t submit and receive directly from cgc? There aren’t going to be notes on a 9.8, however if you see defects that you think would exclude it from being a 9.8 then it’s either the book got a lucky grade or maybe was lightly damaged in the case over the years from sliding around.
  6. Every single book graded below 9.8 should have graders notes. Something. A short sentence explaining its defects. Insanity that this isn’t the standard
  7. I actually was just able to submit via modern. Thanks
  8. Was adding this to the form and Modern Tier was greyed out when it came to select grading. See screen shot below. And please advise
  9. I think it would be great if CGC could announce/update, either on social media or here on the site, when specific signing events have actually been completed or about to take place. It’s not a big deal it would just be cool to know. thanks
  10. So i submitted a book for JRJ and one for Adams. My first SS submission, should I be worried that my books just show ‘received’?
  11. Driving back to my home, four hour drive, book is strongly secured in the trunk. I’ll add some pics later on. I was just curious, say if the rest of the book is without flaw what kind of hit would the book take for something like this. Thanks
  12. Just curious what the consensus would be with respect to this book’s post press potential ?
  13. Long story short I was doing a major cleaning of my parents garage and I found a stack of books I wrote off as lost 10-15 years ago. The prize of this find was New Mutants 98. And the best part was it looked insanely good. But then I saw it, and I missed it because I hadn’t ever seen this type of flaw before. I’m heartbroken because I legit thought I had a 9.8 candidate. See the pic below and tell how badly I get dinged for this