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    Well its already the end of March 2021 heading into April. And as things tend to get better... or worse depending who you are. The card world is still back logged worse than it was. More and more people thinking it is a gold mine of money out there. I don't know maybe it is I have not Received the 2nd or 3rd round of stimmy's or received my tax return. Yet out here there are drug addicts running around with thousands of dollars. So as I sweat how I'm gonna pay for my submission, Or even when. Surprise!! charge.. Prices keep going up and turn around times along with it. So now cards that should
  2. Arrived Received Items Service Status 3/22/21 ------- 13 TCG- STANDARD ------------ 2/5/21 77 TCG - BULK Received 2/5/21 1 TCG - ECONOMY Received 12/18/20 45 TCG - BULK Received 12/18/20 8 TCG - BULK Received 12/18/20 1 TCG - ECONO
  3. does our membership work across to other grading services....
  4. yes they are being applied to all orders even ones submitted before the increase in turnarounds announced as I have a order that was received on 11/23 and so today being day 30 technically, and it is yet to be scheduled for grading and Like I said in my email that would have been nice to know or at least given a option to perhaps change service level as I would have not done a bulk and sent half of them on a different level........ I know its a estimation but I estimated to have them back around this time if not sooner. Disappointing cause rather than fix the areas that need attention (pop rep
  5. the turn around time has dramatically changed in just a few months first bulk sent arrived 9/21 was (9/24 received 10/21 shipped) 2nd was 10/9 arrived (10/13 received 11/3 Shipped) 3rd was 11/13 arrived (11/23 Received has yet to move) holidays and surge of submissions I understand and Hope that is all it is newest bulk arrived 12/18 (received 12/18 same day that was nice to see. Just hope to get the other bulk before the newest one. will we see Turnaround times change back or is it only looking to increase? also are "ALL" submissions affected by new turn around times? while I'm at it ask a
  6. also think of it this way 150 you get 150 back 300 you get 150 back now are you gonna use CGC enough that the discount comparison between tiers of membership will cover the other 150 your paying for elite and that once you pass that mark it actually starts saving you?
  7. yes they take it out when they get your cards and tally it all up just did it for me a few days ago
  8. If you do not plan on grading much or is perhaps a one time thing you think, With a possibility of a second down the road my advice would be to use Ludkins or safari who will charge you a good price and also take very good care of your cards