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  1. Well as a Has a collector I am not gonna open the bag unless I plan on having it slabbed Slabs look nicer on display anyway
  2. Because I plan to pass it down to my kids and I keep it on display but I've heard over time the bag can ruin the comic
  3. If I removed it from the bag than I would have it pressed before sending it and to try and get a better grade
  4. So I have a Superman 75 platinum edition Still in polybag never opened But I've heard several different Things some people say leave it in bag and others say have it slabed what should I do and if I do decide to have it slabed how should I go about it
  5. Will see cgc recognise The blue galactus error on the label for marvel super heros secret wars #1 ? And if not why ? Cbcs does but I'd prefer to have it done by cgc