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  1. Beyond the Grave 1 VF/NM Steve Ditko art $30.00 House of Mystery 223 NM $40.00 House of Secrets 104 NM- $25.00 House of Secrets 118 NM- $24.00 Phantom Stranger 20 NM- Aparo cover $28.00 Phantom Stranger 24 NM $38.00 Phantom Stranger 24 NM- $28.00 Superman 251 NM- $38.00 Superman 252 VF/NM Neal Adams wrap-around cover, aka DC 100 Page Super-Spectacular 13 $75.00 Superman 274 NM $20.00 Sword of Sorcery 5 NM Conan appearance, Starlin art $25.00 Witching Hour 24 NM- $28.00 Wonder Woman 183 NM- $45.00
  2. The struggle is real. Hard to beat a Neal-Blonde. Going to think about this over a coffee.
  3. Don Rosa copy (180) and the Golden Gate collection (TT).
  4. I do not have many (yet), random Heavy Metal, Eerie, Creepy and a few Vampirella. I have been actively looking for the Epic magazines currently, but in the back of my mind I know these mags are full of verse and image and I must gather them all. Just not easy to find so far.
  5. #103.... When you first find Jones art, then Williamson and THEN Wrightson in the same issue, it’s hard not to get hooked.
  6. Opening these and viewing the art is so much fun. I’ve only recently realized the greatness of these Bronze Age gems.
  7. Notable on many points, this cover always makes me think her head is on backwards.