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  1. I love the shameless cross promotion of contemporaneous Australian western comic "Lone Avenger" authored by the notorious and infamous Len Lawson.
  2. I like the posts, and did not realise how popular and HOT Louise Brooks was. I am a big "old Hollywood" fan, but the pre Hayes posters are ones I have not seen before and are in part wonderful. Art Deco meets soft porn. Lovely.
  3. "Your problems discussed by Dr Harold Gluck". I'll need to see some credentials . . . And is it just me that sees oversized women's heads in Charlton romance comics? They look odd.
  4. Even the work experience kid would have taken more care in cutting and pasting than the adult in charge. It really was "wild and woolly" back in the day. I do like the distortion of the panel in the last page to accommodate the Simba's paw. A delightful conceit.
  5. Duffman_Comics reporting for duty. I figure this is the comic AJD is referring to: The censorship in the fifties was really random. Panels cut, liberal use of whiteout, word balloons and captions ham-fistedly changed. Just no clear rhyme or reason.
  6. I thought there was a window in the sail of the submarine. It is advanced, after all, but I am not sure how much light is available at cruising depths. I am puzzled by all of the figures swimming around the sub in the splash. At first I thought it presaged a little EVA by our heroes in the story, but there are only four of them - and six swimmers. Looking closely, they must be associated with the villains. But not the "Belotti" the giants' slaves. They are hairy. Oh dear. "We'll have to darken our skins". They are mounting a mission in blackface
  7. I cannot let this one go unobserved. Caterpillar treads on a submarine? That'll do wonders for the underwater hydrodynamic profile. Unless they're retractable. Even then, so I have managed to get a submarine onto land and move about. So what? What possible arms can I use without opening up the hatch and allowing the crew to be picked off one by one. It's a very small hatch. Just ludicrous. A guided missile on a submarine? Spot on. Wait. They don't have propellers. Or wings. Which would be useless flying at stratospheric altitudes. Very thin air. "The motor cuts out and the missile homes in on target". Ummm, that's not the way it works. The "V2" had that design feature (as did the "V1" but it wasn't a rocket). 300 mile range? Woefully underestimated. In essence got it right, missiles on subs, but everything else wrong. Lastly, who wouldn't want to crew a submarine being launched into either orbit or sub-orbit. What an exciting landing.
  8. Bloody tiring. There was a flare up south of me at Herons Creek. A State Forest concern but we get to go too. Nothing much, under control but needed patrolling. Now we have had a little rain which is great, but EVERYONE is so on edge that they are jumping at shadows, calling emergency numbers because they have "smelled smoke" or seen some smoke "they think". And those calls cannot be ignored. We have to go and check. Still, we'd rather go out and find nothing than find ourselves calling for support and spending the next twelve hours on a fireground. Thanks for the interest, now off to annoy Andrew!
  9. Consider me annoyed, so mission accomplished. That GI Jane looks in great condition compared to other 9d Oz comics I've seen. Anyway, carry on. I'm a little buggered, after more firefront duties.
  10. As I recall, there were (and are) girls that behaved like this. The term was something like "tick deasers".
  11. Well? I can't believe that's the only comic in that box. Come on!
  12. I'd like to know what the second guy on the cover is doing. Can't be a rifle. Blow gun and dart used by heavy smoker? Smouldering fire stick that will be deadly "if I can just get close enough". And was there ever a colloquial expression "lamp that news" or am I missing something? Probably. I miss lots of things.
  13. Here is a cover that cannot go unremarked. That's quite a fire going just to fry up some bacon. I can see why the cooking is unattended though as things are getting pretty "hot 'n' heavy". The horses are doing their canoodling bit, but as things heat up for our human love interests, something "off cover" has startled our hero enough that he, despite the obvious affection displayed by a consenting adult, needs to slap leather. I wonder whether after this incident "our hero" did a bit of introspective analysis and decided that going "Brokeback Mountain" was the way forward . . .