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  1. I stand corrected, but it makes me realise how heavily cropped the GCD images are - I tend to look at the cover edges and spine ticks when trying to identify comics.
  2. Where did this scan come from AJD? It's not the one that was sold (it has a name and a stamp on the cover) and it ain't the one on GCD either - which means there are at least three out there.
  3. "I had everything, Keith Williams for a husband, *blah blah* balls *blah blah* . . . One does wonder if husband Keith was subject to some sort of "Crying Game" surprise. Maybe it wasn't so much a surprise as a bonus (for Keith). It also shines a different light on Keith's "Show them how we did the twist on our honeymoon". Gawd the Charlton's in this period are gloriously awful.
  4. Got these in the same deal. I'd heard good things about the series and creator, and the price was right. Started reading them and so far I like it. Modern, I know, but don't judge me
  5. Been a while since I've bought anything, but lashed out last week and this is the result. I like the odd ball titles (they're cheap and it is a challenge to track them down) and ACG's have some good to "OMG" art. Chic Stone inking over Chic Stone and trying to channel Kirby results in an alarming mash-up.
  6. Doc Brown? Is that you, Back From the Future?
  7. OK. I will. A two man atomic submarine. I'll buy it. Those guys will be very busy, what with the reactor, armaments and all. Very busy. Seems to be a leaky arrangement too. I mean they're wearing wet suits and have SCUBA gear. Must be one of those short range nuclear submarines. Very expensive, but must be effective. I do like the submariners' threat detection ability. A giant floodlight raking the harbour's surface, illuminating the "submarine" and our sailors have a restrained and responsible reaction: "Let's go! We've got trouble coming!" I also applaud the author's homework in correctly identifying Murmansk as a major Soviet military port, dating to WWII, and useful as it is ice-free all year round. Kudos. Oh, and that "graveyard" quip? No wonder - it took you 16 hours to respond to me
  8. Didn't the former Soviet Union get the memo that submarines are supposed to "Run silent, Run deep"? "R-R-R-R KLANK KLUNK RUMBLE" Now THERE's your problem . . .
  9. This is very interesting - I have not seen this, but now thanks to Google I am up to speed on a Franco-Belgian strip that isn't "Tintin". The map in the lower right panel is of some concern. There is a Kamchatka Peninsula but I doubt a "Kamtchaka" exists in the same area.
  10. Well, it seems that "Sleep no more" is present as an expression in both plays - though I readily concede the Hamlet instance is the stronger case for attribution.
  11. Hamlet. “To die, to sleep—No more—and by a sleep to say we end the heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to—'tis a consummation devoutly to be wished! To die, to sleep.”
  12. The link may not work because the story is paywalled here in Oz and therefore may present further problems Stateside. I'll echo @Brian Peck's view - steer well clear of this criminal.
  13. Bugger me, no wonder I haven't been able to finish the run @OtherEric has been competing. With me. Cue confected outrage. I require four more to finish it off, and given the likely source will be located in the USofA I'd love to soften the shipping blow by getting them from the same source. Ah well, back to scouring the internet.
  14. This is classic Robot Man. I am stealing this bit.