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  1. OK, got it - the dual US/UK thing I get, it was the VERY professional 6d that threw me. I've never seen one like that. Used comic dealer add on?
  2. What on earth? What is the pricing on this thing? Buyer's choice? Seller's preference? Too many question marks.
  3. Get your mind out of the gutter, AJD. That shadow is simply a faithful depiction of the shadow this Jungle Queen would cast in the "real" world. It's the same as the "coming in from behind" shot on the cover. Oh. Wait a minute.
  4. I've spoken to Leon and he wants his comic back Seriously, this is a great example of the page quality of the reprints done here. It has been more than 50 years since this comic was printed. AJD has not "twiddled" the scan, the page here is as white as displayed. My experience is that the quality (with minimum "attention") does not deteriorate either. Which does not bring me to my next point, but here comes the regular rant. They are ducks. Why do they need diving apparatus?
  5. Surprised this hasn't been posted:
  6. This is the sort of thing that makes me really happy these Boards exist. Some more light shone on the early days of fandom - and then the principal arrives to comment 66? I am three years younger and at times think I look like I've been dragged backwards through three hedges. I was a subscriber "way back when" but given the cost to airmail them here was prohibitive, I opted for surface (yes, it existed back then). A typically stupid Duffman decision to procure a time sensitive newsletter via the slowest way possible. Still, I may have missed out on a lot of comics, but I sure devoured the articles. Kudos Alan, thanks for the memories.
  7. Does make one wonder why UK editions of "Doctor Solar" and "Magnus Robot Fighter" were deemed unworthy. I'd have thought those titles held a greater appeal than some of the Warner character books. "Star Trek" and not "Lost in Space"? No "Turok"?
  8. I think it was Steranko in his "History of the Comics" that related Finger was thinking a sidekick would stop Batman having to constantly internalise, or talk to himself, i.e. he had someone else to discuss the "adventure" with.
  9. Well done Always regarded Marvel Team Up as the second monthly Spider-Man title.