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  1. I have been buying comics from the US of A (and elsewhere) for almost fifty years. The only time a shipment went "walkabout" was, I believe, an American's seller's remorse. Blame nonetheless was placed firmly at the feet of the USPS. Regardless, the seller refunded promptly and I do not believe chased the USPS for the shipment. Using UPS or Fedex or DHL may be OK - I have no idea as they are so obscenely overpriced (compared to USPS) that I will not use them. USPS and Australia Post are fine. Don't expect things quickly, especially in the Covid19 regime, but as a rule they will turn up, at a fraction of the cost of the private carriers.
  2. I love this. On this page, at least, the artist is just getting in the way of the story
  3. Now this is the stuff. Art Deco out the yin yang with regard to the spaceships and "cities". Space creatures that seem to be an artist just "free associating" anything. Plot holes? Mars is leaning out the window of his spaceship, and then later observes that he cannot breathe. A detailed description of postal stamps and mucilage (look it up) and espionage related activities. In the far flung future. Unobtanium? I give you Garanium. This is a fabulous yarn and though I currently have zero Prize books I now really want some of these.
  4. This has to be a record, even for Charlton, for the least amount of real estate actually indicating what the comic's stories might be about. The fact that it proclaims itself to be "World's First Give-Away Comic" - directly over the "10c" price - is just icing on the cake.
  5. Mark Evanier and John Pound did in "Graphic Story Magazine" #16. I know I have posted it earlier - but it was a long time ago and deserves another airing:
  6. Great link to a continuing mystery. I met Mitris (once) in the early seventies (74?) at his house in the company of Steve Smith (dec) who later established and ran a number of retail comic book stores, the last being Comic Kingdom in Liverpool Street in Sydney. It closed in September 2018 - all too hard after Steve's passing. Steve had a heap of original art stolen in the eighties and suspicion (no proof) was that the Mitris/Rae cabal was somehow involved. None of it ever surfaced here, and as this was pre-internet, the considered speculation was that it had been taken to the US and disposed of there.
  7. I would not be surprised if a UKPV of "Caroline Kennedy" did not exist. Pre 22 November 1963, what possible interest did the pommie comics readers have in the youngest daughter of John F Kennedy? A relatively simple marketing decision.
  8. I know this is all about Charlton's UK pence editions, but a delightful by-product is the discovery of oddball comics I never knew existed, e.g. Caroline Kennedy one shot.. This is a valuable Public Service and I take this opportunity to salute you
  9. Almost four years since the last feedback? Oh well, just completed a few minor purchases, well packed and quickly shipped to the underbelly of the planet. No problems with Michael, buy with confidence!
  10. That is a sweet comic. I am curious as to the notations on the back cover. August 19 1943 is right as rain with regard to the on-stand/sale date of the book. What puzzles me is the "No.1" note. If the notes were done at the time of acquisition, i.e. August 1943, AND refers to what Barks book it is that is an incredible feat. No one knew who Barks was, in terms of Ducks, in 1943. It wasn't until the 1960's that the "Good Artist" was revealed. To think a reader (very few collectors in 1943) thought that this was the first Barks book stretches credibility. I think all the notes were done at the same time, but I get the feeling that the "No 1" may refer to something other than Barks. Maybe the "best" book in his collection. Maybe the oldest book. There is also the possibility that the notes were added much later, by a subsequent owner, who knew who the original owner was - but how did they know when it was acquired? Your thoughts?
  11. Forty blocks? And she was 75? That is "superhuman". Can you remember what store it was? Cannot have been Supersnipe as it was further north at 84th St