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  1. I love to dive around in them like a porpoise, and burrow through them like a gopher, and toss them up and let them hit me on the head!
  2. Great WWII cover and for mine the pick of the bunch. Raboy could certainly draw - and it's the little things, like giving Goering a bunch of medals (as the real Herman liked to wear) and cleverly positioning Tojo so that the hakenkreuz (swastika) doesn't need to be shown, as Tojo, IRL, would likely prefer a rising sun. Fantastic.
  3. Assuming you can ship all the way here (yes, a long way and I know it's expensive): Space Adventures #30, 40 & 43 Showcase #57 and 58 Superboy #131 Superman #191 Western Roundup #4 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #93, 95 World's Finest #161, 162 Superman #216
  4. Except for this series. I keep flashing on Sheldon Cooper . . .
  5. Hot here, just had a large thunderstorm pass. About 28c at 23.07. I am going to take issue with you here. I have LOTS of card sets. The four Batman sets, Civil War News, Addams Family, Combat I and II, Terror Tales, James Bond blah blah blah. Now you have revealed to me hitherto unknown sets that, while I know I should resist the urge, also know in my heart I will have to secure. Thanks a bunch
  6. I really appreciate that Mr (or Ms) Wilson "improved" the original printed image and, emboldened by their effort, signed said art right under Norm. I'm a Norm Saunders fan and, though the original Mars Attacks! cards never made it here, I did get the reissue, what, more than twenty years ago? Remember the "1st Day of Issue" marketing gimmick? My initial exposure to Saunders came via the 1966 "Batman" gum cards and I have admired him ever since. Anyway, Compliments of the Season to you Michael and I am pleased to see you posting again.
  7. Refer to AJD's exhaustive analysis above. In essence, only 11 New Trend E.C.s were censored and (re)printed, all under the "Two-Fisted Tales" banner. Good luck in the quest - there is quite a bit of competition for any of the comics.
  8. Bugger. That linked "Golden Age Collection" thread was/is one of the best on the Boards. Shame the pics have gone since the great Photophucket moneygrab. I guess the question "When will the next unrestored Detective #27 come to market?" has been answered. A smart, clever guy who knew exactly what he was doing. Vale
  9. Interesting topic. Here's a ramble. I sold almost everything, once, for the stupidest reason. Late 1973 I had just picked up Amazing Spider-Man #121. I had been collecting for at least five years and had built a solid collection of mainly Marvels. Amazing Fantasy #15, Tales of Suspense #39 up, Amazing Spider-Man #1-121 (of course), Hulk #1-6, Fantastic Four #1-130, Journey into Mystery #83 – 120, Avengers #1-100, anyway, I am sure you get the picture. Read ASM #121 and was so pissed off with Gerry Conway killing Gwen Stacy I sold the lot. Well, not all of them but all
  10. Terrific story, and doesn't Gene Colan, in this instance, seem to be doing his best Jack Davis impersonation?
  11. Duffman_Comics


    Jeez, no action since 2/2019? Oh well, bought a few comics from Ed on 5 November, quick trip across the Pacific and here they are well packed and in great condition. Buy with confidence!!