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  1. Thanks gurus. That's what I thought. It might be fun to try and follow a YouTube tape removal guide video
  2. This is a request for grading, but OK. I thought it would be be interesting to grade and compare two comics in rough condition. Newb error I suppose
  3. Hi. These are the two comics in the worst condition in my collection. I'm mainly a copper age collector. Can you decide which is the worst? I've only included front cover shots. The Daredevil which I bought as a Frank Miller run filler must have been owned by someone with an issue with the comics authority. I used to play with the toys and read the comics as a kid so it's nice to see the resurgence of interest in GI Joe. There isn't a tear under the tape so I'm not sure why it's there.
  4. Sorry for posting such a small image. Hopefully this ones better. Definitely no water damage. It's amazing what can happen to comics over time though
  5. Hi gurus! I was wondering if you could help me. My ASM300 which I bought from a news agent as little kid, has a light smudge I guess you might call it in the top left character logo space as per the attached pic. If it was graded how much would it reduce the grade? Apart from that it's in pretty good condition. It's funny how working from home due to covid has led me to getting reacquainted with my comic book collection. I'm planning to go hunting for gaps in my runs soon which should be fun
  6. The pressing appears to have turned the fold/crease into a scratch. Is that right? I'd be disappointed particularly with Hulk #181 being such a massive key. If it took out the spine roll it did something positive. What was the grade given? It otherwise looks like a beautiful copy. I was in an LCS recently and checked at these GA & SA books on the wall which were pressed too and they looked too flat, stiff and thin like sheets of cardboard. I wondered if the pages could still be opened and turned. Who does pressing and are there different types? I'd be interest to know more.
  7. That's only a 6.5! It puts me off getting any of my books graded. For example I've got an ASM #300 newsstand edition in very good condition except for a faint dark smudge in the top left white area of the front cover. Would that result in a 6 from CGC too? I'm from Australia so I'd have to send it to the United States and the return postage and handling is prohibitive anyway. The only grading service available over here is Halo which doesn't have a good reputation.