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  1. Aliens 1-4 NM to NM+ for $15 Black Knight 1 NM 2 NM+ 3 NM 4 NM lot of 4 for $35 Aliens Earth War 1-4 NM lot for $10 Catwoman 1 3 5 6 8-22 NM Lot for $10 @ 10% off
  2. Thread has been updated. I'm looking to close the thread out on Tuesday or Wednesday. If there are some books you would like, act soon.
  3. Detective Comics #1027 Jay Anacleto Joker Sketch Virgin 9.0 $13 (second copy) Absolute Carnage #1 Kirkham Trade Variant NM $11 Deadpool Secret Secret Wars #1 C2E2 Variant NM+ $8 Return of Wolverine #5 Adi Granov VIRGIN NM $18 Star Wars Republic #79 Error Newsstand VF- $30 PPSM #300 Kirkham Trade Vairant NM $12 (second copy) Amazing Spider-Man #1 Campbell Variant 8.5 $8 Amazing Spider-Man #359 VF $8 Avengers #374 NM- $5 Have all been taken through PM.
  4. It is a ton of fun! Thanks for the pick-ups. I'm aiming for late May for another sales thread.
  5. Geez. Frank can't even find peace in the afterlife.
  6. Wrightson covers that I don't have. Didn't even know these existed.
  7. Managed to get all of the invoices out tonight. Books will be shipping over the next week.
  8. Thread is still open, lots of great books left. I was surprised those Captain Americas lasted as long as they did. Invoices are going out today and tomorrow.