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  1. All invoices have been sent. Thanks to everyone for a successful sales thread.
  2. First wave of invoices have been sent. More going out tomorrow...
  3. All yours plus some great Afterlife with Archie and Venom Goodness!
  4. Ultimate Fantastic Four #30 VF+ Early Marvel Zombie appearance and first Marvel Zombie Cover Free to the next purchaser - Just make sure to claim it. CLAIMED
  5. Thread has been updated and all PMs are answered. I'm going to hold off on invoices until Tuesday evening. Because..... 10% off all books. And 15% off for those that have purchased already. This will be the only discount offered. I will be out of town this weekend but will be able to check in now and then.
  6. Some more Batarag takes and the free McFarlane ASM.
  7. I'm going to end the thread there. Invoices will start to go out Thursday. Books will begin shipping next week. Thanks for making this a successful sales thread!
  8. Dark Horse Presents #24 First Aliens Disney now owns Aliens and Predator. Crazy! 9.0 $8 SOLD
  9. Hulk #441 She-Hulk Pulp Fiction Homage NEWSSTAND copy VF $22