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  1. Thanks for the advice, now we all feel much better.
  2. Took around two hours to enter 7 cards. Guess I'll finish tomorrow. Maybe if I call and complain enough they will honor the previous price...
  3. Crazy. CSG submission form was fine but CGC is completely broken
  4. A lot of people call them "banned" but really they mean "censored"
  5. Your first clue should be that only base Charizard shows up in the system for Korean. For non-English cards, you have to check the list to see what's supported.
  6. They only grade Korean base set
  7. Standard w/ sub-grades (5 cards) Received: 2/15 Scheduled for grading: 3/17
  8. Woo! 12/3 bulk w/ subs was finalized/shipped today! About **** time
  9. Mine's also in the blank "in accounting" due to a payment issue. Apparently, my payment information was "lost" and they no longer had my CC on file.
  10. Interesting. My express order was delivered 2/22 and showed received within one business day. Did you write EX on the box?
  11. Thank you, appreciate the update. I'm sure you guys are slammed with the same support questions about turnaround times. You probably already saw this but the other company started displaying "complete through dates" for each tier.
  12. Huh, same happened to me today. It must go blank before moving to the next step. (Mine is still blank for now.) Edit: Status is back but hasn't changed.
  13. It's probably not helpful to anyone but my CSG sub is moving incredibly fast! My CGC sub... not so much. CGC Type: Economy (subgrades) (12 cards) Received: 12/3 (picked up 11/24) Status: Received CSG Type: Express (subgrades) (2 cards) Received: 2/23 (picked up 2/22) Status: Scheduled for Grading
  14. It may very well be a design decision, and may actually prevent card damage (card isn't getting pressed too hard in the case, ease of removing from case if needed, etc) however the "wiggle room" isn't consistent per slab. Like I said before, some don't move around at all. Unfortunately, the one that's most loose is my perfect 10
  15. Sorry if it wasn't clear, "slab" refers to the CGC case/holder that holds a card after being graded.