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  1. nepatkm

    This week in your collection?

    Congratulations!!! Fantastic copy.
  2. nepatkm


    Hello Mollie, Can you add to the Punisher (complete) set Punisher War Zone V 2 (2009 series) #1-6 and variant Thank You.
  3. nepatkm


    Hello Mollie, Can you create a set for - Punisher War Zone vol. 2 (2009) 1-6 and variant #1 Thank you
  4. nepatkm

    This week in your collection?

    For me the order of favorite covers for the Untold Tales of Punisher Max series from best down would be: #4 - Imo, A classic war cover w/ The Punisher. #3 - Punisher relaxing in bar aftermath. #2 - Creepy horror element to the cover. #5 - Punisher shadow watching over a kid. #1 - The girl on hood of car could’ve had more effort, a flaw in a good cover.
  5. nepatkm

    PUNISHER appreciation thread

    A Unique Bonus @Parabellum @Par2ch Just wondering how you've made out with the newest Punisher Blank cover, I haven't came across any without the crease flaw. I know you most likely have gotten a major amount of them, how have your experiences been with them? Asking For a friend .. @Yoshi
  6. nepatkm

    PUNISHER appreciation thread

    You may have captured a fingerprint from Zeck while he was sketching on that Black Cover...
  7. nepatkm

    PUNISHER appreciation thread

    Definitely, The sketch really stands out nicely on that copy.
  8. nepatkm

    PUNISHER appreciation thread

    Nice pickup.
  9. nepatkm

    How big is your collection?

    Too many,
  10. nepatkm

    RIP Scott Wilson (Hershel) from Walking Dead

    Very sad news.
  11. nepatkm

    PUNISHER appreciation thread

    And since I have some time tonight, and this is The Punisher Appreciation Thread, lets throw some love out to Clayton Crain for his Amazing work on the covers of the Legacy (War Machine) Series. ( Reading wise I enjoyed, however was left unsatisfied with the ending.) Covers were Extremely Nice!
  12. nepatkm

    PUNISHER appreciation thread

    The Untold Tales of Punisher Max 1-5 Yeah...The stories inside were very predictable, with the Punisher playing background roles in them... But The Covers are 90% Amazing, to me the biggest flaw was on issue #1 with the girl on the hood of the car. More detail there, and this series of covers would have been at classic level.. ----- Issue #4 is my favorite cover, anybody else like these?