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  1. This one was ruined, and worried me, when I took it out of the poly bag. It honestly made me think I ruined a valuable.. especially when it got the hot minute.
  2. Yep, yep! Always all good, almost always relisted, or wasn’t meant to be at the time, and I get an item of equivalence ( or even the same item ) later on, at a lower or near price. 👍
  3. Not as cool as that Cap 27 Congrats @Illustrious Just posting some recent Punisher pickups for my collection...
  4. So an Update to this order placed on Aug 4th 2018, I did receive them all today. Glad they came in finally, the raw books ranged from 9.2-9.6. Tthe graded Parrillo trade dress supposedly was the big delay released on August 28th, and CGC was slow at grading. (The explanation for the delay that I was given.) Not bashing the company, but honestly did not see a benefit of preordering the “exclusive” copy to be graded by CGC in 9.8– when they were available on Ebay graded by CGC in 9.8 for the amount (or less) than I had paid. Back in December of last year 🙁 I will not deal with this company again. 😔
  5. Punisher P.O.V. #1-4 are very inexpensive written by Starlin, art by Wrightson. You can probably pick up the set in NM for around $10-$12. 👍
  6. This... I was expecting more also.
  7. Yeah, with the exact handful of change thrown in. There is a minimum bid when you get higher bid increments the pricier the auction goes. Sometimes not worth the extra cash for a book. 💰🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. I was expecting some kind of creepy pasta story, with scary and all mentioned. Anyway first bid wins (o...e (389) ) I've lost an auction before with a tying bid with like 35 seconds to go, I just figured my bid that I had just placed was the highest bidder amount. (exactly as I’d bid, exact change and all. ) I was stunned when auction had ended, and I’d lost. Was kind of funny, I Just chalked that up as wasn’t meant to be mine. 👍