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  1. I feel like they could get away with only accepting cards from vintage sets. This would probably drastically reduce their intake without killing it altogether. It also keeps the people that are most likely going to continue submitting to CGC in the future happy - this whole "open new packs of cards and grade everything shiny" trend has to stop, it's not sustainable for anyone.
  2. I have a bulk order that was received 1/19/21 - no updates yet.
  3. Very unlikely you'll get anything out of them. Insuring ungraded cards is pointless.
  4. You can just redo the form, as long as they never receive the incorrect form you won't be charged.
  5. USPS is having serious issues right now. I have cards I've bought from ebay show as delivered when they haven't been, shown as not yet received by them when they've had them for over a week, etc. etc.
  6. Curious if there's any major difference aside from preference, USPS is almost double the price so I's rather save the money if there's no major difference. CGC makes a note on the USPS option is registered and insured, are the FedEx and UPS options not insured? Thanks