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  1. Little worried that the bottom corner is blunting rather than a bindery tear
  2. Thanks, I was worried it had been dropped or rubbed off from damage!
  3. It's definitely not part of the art or a common printing issue for the cover. Here's a 9.8 example for reference
  4. So I just bought this, the damage wasn't clear on the photos prior to buying. My question though, is this even possible to be considered a 9.6 with the corner being this damaged, even if it's the only flaw? Is this something that's been somehow missed by CGC or likely damage post slabbing?
  5. You said it might be to prevent Newton rings, a coating that prevents close contact of the plastics is one way to do that. I thought that is what you where suggesting the marks might be.
  6. Are you saying these are intentional? Do CGC add some form of coating inside? I have not read anything about them doing this, my only other slab also latest generation doesn't seem to have any similar marks.
  7. So just got my first ever slabs. However this one appears to have some sort of marks/dirt/smears inside the slab. I checked the other slab and it has none. What are these marks? They kind of look like dirt smeared on the inner case. I know this has been re-holdered at some point, is this likely from it not being handled properly and possibly damaged? How does this affect value? Will it significantly lower it?
  8. Ideally yeah, open to raw but the prices I've seen for good grade raw it works out more expensive to buy raw and submit.
  9. Considering all grades 9.0 - 9.6 and depending on price.
  10. Could you elaborate a bit more on what drops it down to that grade?
  11. Newbie to the grading game so would appreciate the reasoning about the grading as much as the grade itself. The issue has some minor blunting on one corner, spine feathering, 2 spine stress marks (don't know if they class as ticks), and a crease on one corner. Aside from the grading, could anyone advise me on spine feathering similar like the one shown on this book. It seems to be very common on modern books, would this come into play for 9.8 considerations or be seen purely as manufacturing defects? For the crease, spine stress is this something pressing would fix, or could it
  12. Looking for either cover CGC/CBCS only, 9.6 / 9.8 posted to the UK