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  1. Amazing Spider-Man CGC 9.6 / 9.8 SS / Sketch / 5 book lot / Carnage Venom Kraven | eBay
  2. This book graded 9.6 cgc ss by MB artist Bill Dinh was purchased by myself about 10 years back and I had multiple offers on it in the $500-600 dollar range but wasn't much more than I paid at the time and love the book so didn't sell. Now as I am selling it with the last of 5 book lot I thought I'd post the link for anyone that had interest in it in past. Reserve price is about 350-400 dollars less than I paid for the lot of the books. 261 sketch and ss book has small crack on backside as indicated in auction details but I pack stuff well so should arrive the same and be resub material f
  3. WOW the amount of signatures on that 700. Grats. Very nice books!
  4. 10 day auction with alot of SS books and Rubinstein sketch ss books listed along with the Bill Dihn super spread. started last night ends next Sunday.
  5. Had a few ppl ask me if I was part of the cgc community so figured I'd bump this as I didn't intend it to be a sales thread but am selling off most of my books.
  6. Hope you guys are all doing great and look forward to seeing some nice spidey covers in here!!!
  7. Wow been a long time since I've been on just saw this in my posted stuffs with some awesome covers that many might not have seen so let's light it up again and feel free to post new pics! ;-)
  8. Title doesnt matter as it could be: Amazing Spider-man Spectacular Spider-man Web Of Spider-man Sensational Spider-man Super Spidey Stories Ultimate Spider-man Marvel Tales Marvel Team-Up Spider-man crossover books Spider-man McFarlane series and other related Spider-man Books!!!!! Also Spider-man Sketches or sketches by Spider-man Artists are welcome Show em if ya got em folks and as Im sure there are mass amounts of these could you make this thread a sticky Gemma? Thanks to all who participate ;¤) AC