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  1. If you gents wouldn't mind. Much appreciated. Top left corner and bottom left corner are trouble areas. There are a few minor colour breaking spine ticks. Also middle right hand side of front cover where it opens it looks to be feathered back a little causing some color breaking lines. Thanks in advance!
  2. This book looks absolutely pristine to me with the exception of 2cm (3/4 inch) tear at the bottom spine. Any ideas what this word grade out as roughly? Thanks in advance!
  3. If you guys wouldn't mind. Thank you in advance. Definitely some spine wear and colour breaks along most edges and corners. Small tear in middle of back cover. Back cover is still most definitely attached but looks to be coming away a bit more towards the bottom half.
  4. Going to send into CGC eventually if you wouldn't mind? Thanks in advance.
  5. If you guys wouldn't mind? Thank you in advance. The spine is what it is and there is a small tear on the FC right hand side. I'm not sure based on condition of this would even be worth it to send to cgc but would still like to garner a consensus. Thanks!
  6. Going to send to cgc eventually if you gents wouldn't mind. Overall looks pretty clean. A few spine ticks here and there. Thanks in advance!
  7. Going to be sending in to cgc eventually if you gents wouldn't mind. Pages look as white as white can be. See 2 minor spine stresses that break a little bit of colour. Only other concern is that it looks to need a bit of cleaning as looks like someone read it with some Inky fingers. No experience with cleaning but do you think it will come out? Most prominently in top FC ( white stripe between red and blue) and BC top right corner. Looks to be a bit of a fold on the back cover as well but I'm guessing will press out. Thanks in advance!
  8. I've got a fantastic looking copy as well with a beautifully presentable front cover. When I posted pictures for grading on here I realized 2 back pages are missing. Boom...automatic 0.5. I'm lucky I got scammed when I was young and naive as I bought the book almost 20 years ago off ebay and probably only paid what it is actually somewhat worth now even as a 0.5
  9. Sending in to cgc eventually if you gents wouldn't mind. Thank you very much in advance!
  10. Not because of any damage or anything.....just, you know.......tact. Didn’t age well is all.
  11. Going to send in eventually if you wouldn't mind. Thanks in advance! Shame about the OJ Simpson ad on the back cover lol.
  12. Going to be sending into cgc eventually. If you guys wouldn't mind. Thanks in advance
  13. Going to be sending into CGC eventually if you guys wouldn't mind. I actually have two copies of what looks to be very similar grade. Cover on the other is a lot brighter with no date stamp however the corners on this one appear to be slightly sharper so I went with this one. Thanks in advance!
  14. Yes it does look like a colour rub of some kind... I'm hoping it will come off with some light cleaning
  15. Going to be sending into CGC eventually if you guys wouldn't mind. Looks pretty high grade as is. Only see small creases on bottom left FC that breaks the smallest tic of color and top right FC that goes to the inverse BC with no color break. Think a press could take it higher. What do you think? Thanks in advance!