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  1. This kind of stuff is my favorite Batman... when he crosses with the occult storylines. That's why I always liked the series "Legends of the Dark Knight", too. The horror/occult stories.... plus well, Adams, Rogers, a couple of Wrightson... you know: "The Greats"!
  2. I agree. But the one on bird's comment works to read about Mantlo.
  3. I'm much happier with modern age books that are offering me a new story, with original characters, and preferably one that is not based on being jaded about superheroes. And DC and Marvel have rebooted and remixed their characters so many times it is hard not to be jaded if you've been around for 50+ years and the last 7 reboots of a character happened in the last 30 years. (And, as both an aside that is an example, but from the movies, who wasn't annoyed when Sony rebooted the Spider-Man movies right after the Raimi-Maguire trilogy? I mean 3 "issues," and a reboot of the origin story is
  4. Manhunter... there was a premium paper reprint of those in the early 1980's? I liked it. (May 1984 "Manhunter #1" reprinting Detective 437-443)
  5. Maybe the most common newbie question. We should probably take the best of the various answers and make it a stickie. I was rather surprised that I couldn't quickly find very similar questions on this, so "Yes." pinning a helpful writeup to the top of what happens when you put together a box of a dozen comics or something would be very good! Might as well make it as thematically accurate as possible, so pretend it's a GS X-Men 1, a VG/F Hulk 181, the F. Miller Wolverine mini-series, and a "silly" run of McFarlane Amazing Spider-Mans. Every single person thinks they have NM for all
  6. Wow! Some of that stuff is really, really great! (But not her Swamp Thing. The phone bit is funny, though!)
  7. I just want to understand how submitting a bunch of books "works".... I have two books that are "probably worth something" HOS 92 and GSX 1. I have a bunch of copper age books in great shape that are worth "a little" by comparison. If I send them all in together, do they all get graded together and sent back together? Because it appears to me that the value of the book determines the speed at which it gets graded? Am I misunderstanding this? I mean, even now, there are no comic-cons to go to and get graded at, so sending them in is the only way, but it seems totally
  8. Wow, what a tragic story. Had no idea about that. I enjoyed Rocket Raccoon back in the day. AND, I liked the Mike Mignola artwork, too.
  9. That's like the worst "Grimjack" drawing, ever in the far left corner of the top panel of that page! Might as well claim that is Grimjack dressed for Halloween as the Nexus!
  10. Mazzuchelli had a nice style on these books. Sort of "Sin City-light"...
  11. Looks like the cover might be signed "Bill Willingham"? Hard to tell if that's what it says or "Bingham", but it's about the right timeframe for the little work Willingham did for DC?
  12. You've got your cover images on "speed dial"!
  13. When are the Kelley Jones covers? Are those Copper or Modern Age? Personally, I like every one of the Kelley Jones covers much better than the McFarlane cover. (Not saying the McFarlane one isn't striking, but in my opinion Kelley Jones's run of Batman covers were fantastic.)