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  1. Hmmm.... This might be the 1st time I've posted in this thread. The G.I. Joe #21 was a real pleasant surprise. Here we go!
  2. About 10 years ago I went through a $1 liquidation box of misc. junk consisting of comics, toys, and other random items that can be found in your LCS, and guess what I found? Batman #232 in mid grade. I was shocked to say the least. This was a box of real garbage; stuff that would likely NEVER sell, with the exception of this. I paid for it and then asked the employee, who I knew, why it was in there. His answer? "I don't like old books." No wonder sooo many LCS have a hard time staying open. Talk about losing an easy $100 or so.
  3. No offence intended, but its quite possible your customers do not know how to grade. I've known lots of people who have overpaid for expensive SA/BA books because they have no clue how to grade and simply trust the seller to be honest and/or accurate. And I'm not suggesting you cannot grade and/or are dishonest. Just pointing out that the buyers do not necessarily know any better. Sorry to hear about your disappointment. We've pretty much all been there. The lesson to be learned is this: CGC grades are what determine the benchmark for prices, so one must adapt to their grading or at least understand how they grade. Better luck in the future!
  4. I have 2 copies. But I'm in Canada, so there's the matter of potential customs fees. DM if interested. Cheers!
  5. Yeah, cherry picking is the best approach if he's letting you choose series. Why take on the burden of the 60 boxes?
  6. I'd take it at $0.10/book if they're bagged and boarded and in alpha numeric order. And assuming the stuff is mostly strict NM and higher. Why? Because I could easily locate and pull the better stuff that way, then simply cart it all off to some local events and start dumping at $2/book, then $1/book, then $0.50/book as you get closer and closer and closer to just the drek. It's the least labor intensive approach for me to get my money back quickly. It might take a couple of years, but you should get your money back quickly, within the first few months if you have access to a couple of fairly priced local shows. Then unload the remains for $0.10 or so per book when you're sick of doing it. BUT if they're not bagged and boarded, nor in order and in the VF/NM range for many, I would seriously reconsider though... SIDE NOTE: If only I cold get books that cheap in my area. There is soooo much competition for collections and lots of younger collectors skip the middle man altogether, making it tough to restock at such low prices.
  7. I'm a vendor. And I would pass, unless VERY cheap. Just too much filler. It's a LOT of work, as the others have said. Just know what you're getting yourself into before pulling the trigger. Good luck and have fun!
  8. Same here. I'll even use Jim Lee and Frank Miller as examples of older generation artists where the above comes into play. The former draws "nicer" images than the latter, as most would likely agree with, myself included, but Miller's ability to tell a story is world's beyond Lee's. Of course, many would disagree, but that's how I see those two, hence using them as an example.
  9. I caved in last night and bought tickets for this Sunday. I usually stay away from these movies until several weeks after the release, to avoid crowds, but I really do NOT want to have this one spoiled after an 11-year wait. (And I NEED to know which new characters, if any, appear asap. I am a comic book vendor after all!!! )
  10. I appreciate the talent many of these cover artists possess, but it's just cover art. They're not really comic book artists, in the sense that they do not engage in any sequential storytelling (or rarely do). And as someone pointed out, the cover often has nothing to do with the content of the comic itself. But, that's just a sign of the times I guess, as most people collect/flip/etc modern comics based upon the cover, and not the content (1st appearances being the exception). As discussed in other threads, the desirability of a modern comic is now more about the cover, as compared to back in the day when it was a combination of the cover--which often depicted an element of the story--and the content of the book. Which has made me think about the following lately: why even buy a comic, yet alone pay premiums for certain covers, when you can just buy a print for a fraction of the cost when the cover is all you truly care about?
  11. "A narrative disaster?" I'm not surprised. My first reaction after viewing the first trailer was:" What the?!? How are they going to adequately deal with all that stuff? It took a decade of comics to cover all those characters and plot elements!" There just seems to be waaaaaay too much mythos and too many characters in this movie to be able to do it all justice. Amazing Spider-man #3 anyone???
  12. Conan seems to be hot again, for the first time in eons. I sold several SSoC mags and Marvel vol. 1 issues this past week-end at a con. The new Marvel series must really be good and creating a buzz.
  13. I for one think he's the most interesting new Marvel character from the last 25+ years.
  14. Understood. We don't have such stores in my neck of the woods.
  15. Yeah, but the last 2 issues of Immortal Hulk are included. Sounds like theft or something. I find it hard to believe that someone buys these at $3 or so a pop ad then immediately dumps them off at a used bookstore for almost 100% loss. Makes no sense to me. Something is surely amiss... And @bellrules. How are you? Do you have another 80 boxes to sell me?
  16. My questions is: how do brand new books end up in $1 bins???
  17. I wish I had kept the photos of the Golden Age Caps I found in a $2 bin about 8 years ago. BEST $2 bin find EVER.
  18. Will do! If I remember... PM me or something so that I have a better reminder. Cheers!
  19. I'm submitting several copies soon and hoping for some 9.8s. And I might fast track them because I don't want to wait a year...
  20. Why is this puppy so expensive? Is it out of print? I'll check to see if I still have mine.