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  1. I’ve seen double signatures on books on eBay and it didn’t appear to affect the value. Personally, I think it makes it cooler! Nice sketch and nice book!
  2. Grade is in. I’m happy with it. I’m a little confused why they put it an old wide slab with the sticker on top. And unfortunately they left off the full credits (“Wayne Boring cover” is cut off). Plus they say it’s the first Lois Lane cover even though they said they updated their records (it’s the second). Thanks all.
  3. My condolences. I lost my mom to the same thing 10 months ago. Good luck with the downsizing and glad going through things is helpful.
  4. If you’re going to hold it for 20 years it may as well be fun to look at. While there are so many great covers from all the eras, here are some of my favorite covers. Whatever you choose find the best universal (blue label) grade you can afford. Incredible Hulk #180 - bright yellow cover, fun hulk battle scene and first cameo appearance of Wolverine Fantastic Four #49 - dark cover with great color contrast. 1st full appearance of Galactus. Galactus is cool. X-Men #94 - second appearance of new X-men. X-men falling on cover. Amazing Spider-man #50. Just loo
  5. Looking for a coverless X-men #1 - I don't care if it's graded or raw. I don't think I need to include a pic... Thanks!
  6. 2016 series. I’m looking for a NM copy. PM please!
  7. Thanks all for your grades - I am really new to GA books and I want to follow-up and ask for opinions. I bought this on eBay from a reputable LCS in my state with a money-back guarantee grade of 2.0. I was skeptical from the pics but trusted their grade because of the guarantee policy. I’m torn about whether to send it back if it is a 1.0. I paid the 2.0 price for it. I know the only way to really know the true grade is to submit to CGC but then I’m out $70 if it’s comes back a 1.0 and I have to crack the slab and return it. According to GoCollect the difference between a 1.0 and 2
  8. Wait, it makes perfect sense. Sompletely = some + completely. New grading term for when something is 98% there? As in “that cover hanging on by a thread is sompletely detached”.
  9. Thanks for your feedback and insight! I actually didn’t even notice that they had Frankenstein’ed it with a repro. Ouch.
  10. That makes a lot of sense - excellent explanation! I found a few others that confirm what you wrote: Wonderworld Comics #7 - Wrong back cover, cover and first wrap detached Mystic #45 - 3 pages missing plus complete spine split and detached cover Hulk #1 - married back cover and wrap plus comic is a .5 in condition This one is a little less obvious but I’m guessing the comic is .5 without the panel cut out (although the cover looks to be in not horrible shape): Archie’s Madhouse #1 Thanks for the insight! This is exactly the reason why
  11. Saw this on the ‘Bay and it peaked my curiosity (not the price, the grade). It was graded in December. X-Men #1 - .5 qualified I know this is an old thread but was this ever figured out? Is a Qualified .5 the equivalent to a NG? I’m confused how something could be qualified poor.
  12. Thanks everyone for weighing in! I was guessing between a 1.5 and 2.0, so I bet you all nailed it with a 1.8. Off for grading on Monday...will report back.