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  1. Same here, but I have to go to the airport soon
  2. Wow, nice find! I'd take an eraser to that one...
  3. This one barely makes the thread.
  4. Hard to imagine a teenage boy passing this up on a comic rack in 1963.
  5. Except he doesn't have $60 per square foot rent, and his supposedly vast inventory is basically in competition with the entire inventory of the internet, so who cares how many books he has? (And why is it taking 4 years to paint a wall...and it still looks like they're just getting started on it???)
  6. I never knew about that "first" appearance. Looks like they didn't even really have his costume down at that point. Fascinating.
  7. Seems like it's harder and harder to find anything useful or reasonably priced on Ebay, but this one I've fallen in love with...
  8. I love this one. Good ol' Rex to the rescue!