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  1. Yah, $1000 as what constitutes "valuable" is an insult to us mere mortals. If my book is worth over $100 I consider it valuable. I like the thought though. I think there should be a qualifier for number of issues too. Like, a series that went at least 50 issues without any of them being worth anything? I'm sure I collected a bunch of those in my day.... Alpha Flight anyone?
  2. Here's another fun one. You had to buy a Magic novel and clip out the coupon to redeem for it. There were several of those promos I got, but this was kind of the only one that caught on.
  3. I started playing during Revised, so I missed out on all the "Power" (I mean, those Moxes were $30.00 to buy as singles, and a Lotus was something like $100.00. That's crazy money. For something that just makes Mana?....) I never collected, just played for fun, but I managed to randomly accumulate some stuff. These are my Revised Duals
  4. I have another noobie question, but I was thinking about it. I keep reading about people who crack their graded books out of the cases, to resubmit, or resell or just because they like it better that way. But doesn’t that mean that the CGC numbers for “graded” books are off? They might be counting the same book multiple times that’s been resubmitted? Maybe this doesn’t matter in a practical sense, as if anything it seems like the true numbers would be lower, but I was thinking about it. I see people talking all the time about the number of books in a particular grade like it’s very sign
  5. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I was wondering if there were any plans to open a Trading Card Market sub-forum here, similar to what exists for comic books, for collectors to sell/trade their cards on these boards. I feel like a lot of people would like that if it were available.
  6. So, when I was growing up, all I knew was that "air" was bad for your comics, which is why you want to put them in a plastic/mylar bag. After recently re-acquiring my collection, and seeing what I thought were the results of the comics not being tightly sealed enough (slight yellowing of pages/covers), I got a little obsessive trying to seal every opening/gap with tape. Now I understand that comics produce gasses and if they are in a completely airtight environment, it can actually be bad for the comic. How bad though? Are CGC cases supposed to be airtight? Or is that wrong? Is
  7. I also look forward to missing on every single grade! Picks: 1. Thor 337 3. Avengers Annual 10 6. ASM 210 8. Sheena Queen Of The Jungle 3-D (double cover) 12. She Hulk 1 13. Marvel Spotlight 28 14. Avengers 196 15. Secret Wars 8 (origin black Spidey costume) 18. X-Men 129 19. X-Men 130 Finally from the 7 listed below (the big boys category), pick the 3 you would like to see graded! 2. ASM 129 3. Fantastic Four 49 5. Captain America 117
  8. Oh man, the memories. These were some well-loved books in my youth. But from them I totally got my appreciation of the history of all the characters.
  9. People being snarky aside, I think it is "worth it" if you can reasonably expect the value of your comic after grading to be increased by more than what it cost you to have it graded/shipped. You can get a pretty good idea of what the values of graded comics are from a number of sources. It might also be worth it to you personally if you have comics that you just want to be protected/be shown off in a nice display case and the cost isn't really an issue. Seems like those are the main possibilities.
  10. I mean, guys, he's not wrong. Newbie here, and never sent anything in to grade yet, but if I sent off 10 sets of books/cards for grading, all about the same quality, and got 9 sets back in a reasonable timeframe with a certain spread of grades. But 1 set out of the 10 is lost or delayed for months. And then, after a complaint, the set instantly appears, but some of the cards are damaged, and the grades are distinctly lower than the grades from every other set I sent in from that same timeframe. I would probably call foul too....
  11. Is the concern that CGC - seeing the grade of the book that the other company gave it - would be unduly influenced by that grade? So if you are hoping to get a higher grade you crack it out and don't let them know what grade it previously received? Is that the same thing people do when they resubmit books directly to CGC that got a CGC grade they didn't like? Crack it out and resubmit, just hoping that this time, maybe with a different grader, in a different mood, it will get a different grade?
  12. Pretty sure Book 1 says 2nd printing if it’s second (I have one of those). So, maybe that’s a 1st? If there are “grey” issues with the 1st, I don’t know about them.
  13. As I recall, the issue with that series was the second issue, where the fact that is was a second printing was not stated in the book. And the way to tell the difference between 1st and 2nd printings is that the greys on the inside cover and first page match in the 1st printing, but they are different in the second printing. I don't know if that is issue 2 you are picturing there, but those greys do not look the same from that angle at least, which would make me think 2nd printing.
  14. It does seem like they ought to let you know that it has been restored before they do the final encapsulation. So you could decide if you even wanted it anymore. Especially since they also offer an "unrestoration" service that you might have wanted to use. Rather than just surprising you with the label. Maybe that's too much to ask.
  15. Don't forget the first "Maxi-series!" Or, do forget it. You know. I thought it was cool. I was young.