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  1. I posted this in another thread, but I'll post here too:
  2. I'm at around 1700+ comics. Just finished going through them all and putting them in a database so I can keep track. Like another person said, I also am moving mine to short boxes because the long boxes are just to heavy.
  3. Man...seeing all these cool covers makes me want to buy some comics. Cool thread.
  4. Update: Found a copy, thanks for looking. Hello - I'm looking to purchase Fear #24 in nice, raw condition. The max I'll spend is $100 with shipping. Would also except a mid-grade to high-mid (8.0) CGC graded version if it can be had within the limits of my budget. Or....I'm willing to trade a Star Wars #1 - Fine (30 cent version) towards a Fear #24. Thank you for looking. -Mike