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  1. Not necessarily. While GMA has been very inconsistent as far as grades over the years, if the card grading drops a full 2 grades, then you might be in trouble. There are lots of new buyers on the market who still don't know what and who to buy, so there is a decent chance you could get close to CGC 9 money for a GMA 9 card. In this instance, since you know it would be dropping grades, just not how many, you're gonna be gambling. It really depends on what you're doing with it. Case in point one like this sold not too long ago - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Charizard-Delta-Species-4-Ex-Crystal-Gu
  2. I know TCGPlayer takes their site pretty seriously against offenders, at least that's been my personal experience, which is why I don't have a problem shopping on there. When I had problems with orders, such as condition didn't match sale, they were on it fast. With something like fake cards like that, I have to imagine they brought the hammer down hard on that seller, if not outright banned him from their venue after seeing the refund through.
  3. Thank you Paul. Called and confirmed the website is having issues, that the article I referenced with the tables is correct, they stated that the correct charge would be applied later instead of the 63.00 seen on the submission.
  4. When it comes to GMA, as far as I know it's literally one gentleman who is grading everything on his own. You even ship it to his residential home. I was actually considering them for cheap loose grades and slabbing prior to their price increase and CGC arriving on the market. I could never justify paying GMA the same amount as someone like PSA or CGC when their grades are all over the place. I think the problem is the mindset of "I want to be a winner" comes in and gives business to places like PSA and GMA. They grade more loosely than I've seen with BGS and CGC thus far and since you're m
  5. According to the guy on facebook, he could tell before he even took it out of the top loader. The texture was all wrong, the thickness was all wrong, just everything about it screamed hilarious scam, and according to him, his seller said he never realized (yea right...). Regardless, like Ron said, most websites like tcgplayer, ebay, and others have buyer protections to help you out if you get in that kind of a situation and I would suggest reading up on those so you know when you can take chances and when you can't.
  6. Not my cards, but this is what happened to a guy in a facebook group I'm in a couple of weeks back and he bought off tcgplayer, so they can be anywhere. Tcgplayer of course took care of him and he was laughing about it, but you just never know.
  7. The first thing I would do is verify they are not a new account selling. After that I pull up the same card I'm interested in on a website like tcgplayer.com and look at some the listings there and compare them side by side. You can also send a message to the seller on ebay and request things like angled pictures, side pictures and back pictures (if not already up). Angle I'd be looking for the correct texture and design of it, from the side/top I would be looking to make sure it's not one of those lovely stickers on top of another card, and back pictures I'm looking for any discoloration
  8. This is what I used to get myself acclimated, so shoutouts to this guy for taking this time to do this -
  9. Hey all, brand new submitter and member, just trying to get used to all this and get my first ever submission out (nervous and exciting!). I have 7 Pokemon Cards that I'll be submitting, with a 1900.00 declared value. When I go to check out, the USPS option (the one I want) is saying it will cost 63.00 (See picture), but when I look at https://www.cgccomics.com/news/article/8324/shipping-collectibles-cgc/ it says it should only be about 36.00 for up to 5k insurance. Guess I'm just confused as to why the two of them are different. I understand rates are subject to change and there's always
  10. Thank god this question was asked. Now I have a similar follow up one. Say you submit a card that you know is above the criteria in a bulk of 50 because it's obvious (Base set Charizard NM for example), does the same solution apply? That it will just be upgraded to the correct rate and you'll be charged accordingly?