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  1. Joel, I really appreciate your response. Thank you!
  2. wow... seems like they have actually made a bit of progress on bulk orders. hoping to see some movement on my 1/27 econ order in the next month
  3. can a mod please shut this thread down? i just wanted some thoughts on the initial price point and potential increase in value, but i'm sick of what this has devolved into. thanks
  4. CSG currently grades cards that measure 2-5/8" x 3-3/4" or less. Starting in April 2021, CSG will begin accepting submissions of cards up to 7.25 mm thick. CSG’s new-to-the-industry stackable holders will also accommodate more sizes of thick cards than any other third-party sports card grading company.
  5. you technically dont cut the line or have your received date grandfathered in, you move to the back of the tier you select
  6. it was a joke, i can read. i'm just pissed that his shipment will prob take priority over my econ submission that i sent in jan (and already paid for). and even if i adjust tiers, my order will still be moved behind his according to cx
  7. This! People that have already paid for service should have priority over new standard submissions
  8. Don't get your hopes up... plan for a nice Christmas present
  9. when i inquired about doing this, customer service said my order would be bumped to the back of the line of whatever tier i chose... did you run into this issue?
  10. looks like the census is up to 188
  11. I think the issue boils down to the bulk and econ submissions that were already paid for before the payment method / price changes being set aside for the higher tiers that are coming in well after those were received... cgc needs to prioritize those customer to build some trust back whether it be by dedicating specific days of the week to those submissions or limiting submissions to clear the backlog
  12. they dont have to shut it down entirely, just dedicate a full day or two each week to play catch up with bulk and econ. the other 3+ days (and weekends - i've seen some posts saying that employees are working extra) can be used to keep other TATs in line
  13. I wish they would designate specific days of the week to bulk and economy so that they can catch up... ya it may bump the other tiers a bit but at least clear out the orders that have already been paid for