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  1. Hey, it's alright guys. We're all just people behind the comfort of a computer screen. No reason to squabble over a stranger's uncle over the internet. That wasn't my intention. All I wanted to do was be clear upfront about my about my situation. I asked for your input and I'm fine with whatever that will be. Nearly all 700 are currently in sleeves, give or take a few dozen that I guess he chose weren't worth it (mostly Richie Rich and some Gold Key comics). I always thought of slabbing as a more secure, or more adapt way at preventing deterioration of of the comic. Are sleeves just as ef
  2. Hello and greetings to anyone who takes a moment of their day to answer my lengthy question and to help guide my confusion. New member here, created this account a few hours ago and I'm a bit overwhelmed by the detail provided. My uncle passed recently and I claimed his collection of roughly 700+ comics of various titles, including ranging from bronze age comics to early 90s like, the X-men Onslaught event, and ton of Rob Liefeld and Todd Mcfarlane Spider-Man. I like comics but in no way am I an expert here and I also realize this is an odd question/request. If I didn't claim the comics,