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  1. I noticed that too. I didn't replace it though
  2. Thor 171, 173, 176 $95 shipped
  3. Bad lighting on Thor #171, too much sun. Will get some new pics later
  4. I'll throw in a Thor #171 same condition as the others if you buy them all for $400
  5. Pretty much what I expected, thanks I see Go Collect has one selling for $130. Is $100 a fair asking price?
  6. Pretty nice books, 7.0-ish Paypal only Thor #165 $350 Thor #173 $35 Thor #176 $50 All prices shipped Buy 'em all for $400 now includes Thor #171 also OBO Thanks for looking
  7. I had a pretty good sports card and autograph collection that I sold a few years ago. In order to avoid sellers remorse years later if prices went way up I put all the money in a mutual fund and just let it sit there. It's up to $35K and should I see an autograph sell now for quite a higher price than I got I don't feel too bad. Of course you have to be in a position where you don't need the money at the time.