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  1. BlowUpTheMoon

    Moving My Collection

    Absolutely. And number all of the boxes.
  2. BlowUpTheMoon

    Comic game apps

    Welcome to the Boards!
  3. BlowUpTheMoon

    Forums Greatest Dustups Poll/Discussion

    @Scott =) Why are all of these links broken?
  4. BlowUpTheMoon

    The 9.8 SS X-Men #94-143 Odyssey

    Good luck on completing this run. Why no #137?
  5. BlowUpTheMoon

    The Haul

    Cool pics!
  6. @canickus Did you post in the signup thread in Comics General?
  7. BlowUpTheMoon

    Help me decide on a collection.

    Too bad you can't ask someone who owned a successful comic book store in the 1980s - 1990s.
  8. BlowUpTheMoon

    Cover Detached By CGC while grading?

    I'm not following this logic.
  9. BlowUpTheMoon

    Census search question