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  1. If I ever have to go back up there (and if I stay in this job, I will be back up there eventually), where's the best place to go for wings? I can't handle too much heat though. Three locations! ... and they ship too -
  2. Where is the most important picture from usual recap? Buffalo Wings and beers? I only go for wings and beer when Boardie SolitaireOne is at the show. He wasn't around this time.
  3. This three day show was at the Buffalo Convention Center. I only showed pictures of the convention center main room, where most of the vendors were. The con also used other meeting rooms for exhibits and such. But still, only five comic vendors.
  4. He sets up at the local Buffalo show. Thing is, he only brings like 20 $10 comics. Takes up two tables.
  5. I'm not sure I understand the "if the yellow underlies the red" part. Can you expound?
  6. Did you buy anything there? $50 for ASM 363 tells me all I need to know about that show. Prices were silly. I didn't see many books being purchased.
  7. I bought less than six comics and zero t-shirts. Since I was in a buying mood, I retreated to my LCS ( to poke around.