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  1. It would be sad if Overstreet actually drops them from the list. I think these older comics need to be catalogued, somewhere, somehow I think special/rare books library should start collecting/preserving the platinum/golden age books. Those libraries preserve European illuminated manuscripts or old illustrated books, why can't they start preserving these older comics. They are part of American culture after all
  2. Amazing data @catman76 thank you though I'm surprised they platinum age prices are nowhere near the Marvel key books prices
  3. Bill Gates does have rare manuscripts/books collection but I don't know if he owns a copy of Gutenberg bible or not....He owns Codex Leicester, 72 pages of Leonardo da Vinci's hand drawings/writings, probably the most valuable manuscript ever came up in auction
  4. no, illustrated book is not the same category as comic. Ancient illustrated books go all the way back to the 15th century
  5. Hello friends, Simple questions: 1. What is most expensive non superhero comic? 2. What is most expensive non DC, non Marvel/Timely comic? 3. What is most expensive ancient or platinum age comic?
  6. THAT is CRAZY!!! non-key copper should be worth that much
  7. you passed on a bargain for THAT????....that doesn't bother me at all......I would've not noticed, and chances are most people won't notice it too. off-center cover, whitespine on the other hand.....that will trigger me
  8. CGC label should read like this: 180 = THE FIRST APPEARANCE OF WOLVERINE........FULL STOP, not brief appearance, not cameo bull**** 181 nice first cover of WOLVERINE and HULK ....or something like that At some point CGC will have to do this, to stop the injustice done to 180 and give it the full credit
  9. Keep your Iron Man comics, at some point Disney will have to reboot the character. Iron-Man is MCU biggest money-maker in toys revenue. BY FAR, like not even close. And Disney's toys and merchandise revenue is like 3-4 times of their movie revenue....there is no way Disney keep IM grounded, they want that toys revenue even more than the movie revenue.....The only other character that can match IM toy's revenue is Spider-Man......the rest is just meh, even not selling at all (like Captain Marvel, Hawkeye, etc)
  10. I think that's more like the ink from printer.It's either ink error or different printer or the order they got printed (The left one, with rich colour, was from the first batch that got printed. The second one was from the last batch before they reloaded the ink again)
  11. As per latest MCU announcement, FF movie may not come out until late 2023, and that's a good thing, give me more time to collect more FF SA books
  12. first appearance is first apperance!!! 180 got robbed!!! biggest robbery of the century
  13. GA/SA are safe bronze-copper-modern bubbles will get decimated, obliterated to dust
  14. that 6.5 for $6.6K is old news here's the more recent one